Ha Long Bay

All you need to know on Ha Long Bay


  1. What is the current population? There is currently 215,795 people living in Ha Long Bay
  2. What language do the locals speak? The people living Ha Long Bay speak Vietnamese
  3. Why is Ha Long Bay a popular tourist attraction? Many tourists come to Ha Long Bay because of its beautiful bays and ocean topography. It is often included in lists of natural wonders of the world which. there are 1969 different islands in Ha Long Bay that catch the attention of many people
  4. What are Ha Long Bay's traditional festivals? Cua Ong, Tra Co and Ha Long Festival are Ha Long Bay's cultural and biggest festivals


  1. What is the climate like? The climate of the bay is tropical
  2. What are the seasons of weather in Ha Long Bay? The seasons include warm spring, hot and moist summer, cool autumn and dry and cold winter
  3. What is the average tempreture? The tempreture averages from 27 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius in summer/spring. In autumn/winter the tempretures range from 16 degrees celsius to 18 degrees celsius
  4. What is the annual rain fall per year? The rain fall each year averages at about 2 - 2.2m


  1. How has Ha Long Bay been apart of war? Ha Long Bay helped stop the Chinese Navy from invading Vietnam multiple times during the war
  2. How has Ha Long Bay's living style changed from the past and why? In the past, residents of Ha Long Bay lived very poorly, living in floating houses and meeting in fishing villages on the bay. Now, Ha Long Bay has developed greatly due to tourists being attracted by the beautiful islands and bays.
  3. Was there ever in Ha Long Bay? The United States mined Ha long Bay during the Vietnam war. Many of the mines are still un-exploded which pose a great threat to some of the bays
  4. Who were the first people to really discover Ha Long Bay? In the 19th Century French tourists visited Ha Long Bay and explored the area and opened it up to the rest of the world which is now why Ha Long Bay is very popular


  1. How is Ha Long Bay run? Unlike Australia, Ha Long Bay is a republic
  2. What are some of Ha Long Bay's negatives when it comes to justice? Ha Long Bay has a lack of prisons meaning people who should be jail may not be
  3. Is Ha Long Bay known for there crime and if so how do their leaders deal with it? Ha Long Bay's crime is very moderate so Ha Long Bay's leaders do not have to deal with much. This could be the reason to very few prisons
  4. How big is Ha Long Bay's government? Ha Long Bay has a very small Government

Why and Where

Ha Long Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin in the northeast of Vietnam and is made of many islands and bays. Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful and natrual sceneries it gives such as limestone karst landforms that display pillars with a variety of coastal erosional features such as arches and caves.
I find it amazing how after being involved in wars and mining it is still such a beautiful and very natural environment. What i also found interesting was that while Ha Long Bay started becoming popular the standards in living picked up and the society became wealthier and a better place to live.