Save the Climate!

Sarah Smith

Enjoy :)

This whole thing is obviously about climate change. I did a lot of research on climate change and how different things affect it. I have created a questionnaire and 2 different pamphlets. All of this will be located below. :)
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My backyard rose garden


This is the data collected from the questionnaire. I have taken it all and put it into pie charts so you can see what people thought. Everyone has their own opinion about everything.
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Highway between Seminole and Lubbock

Quotes From Questionnaire Answers

There were many good answers, but I chose a select few that I really loved!

"I think there is a greater overall awareness today. Sadly, though, I think certain groups are using the term, global warming, for political and financial purposes!!!" - Carla Winston

"No I do not. Real measures are needed to truly combat our impact on the environment such as greatly reducing car emissions and increasing mileage, improving mass transit, and redoing our growth to make is sustainable. However, this is going to effect the way people live and most people are not willing to make the sacrifice." - Chad McKee

"I don't believe we are doing enough. I think auto manufacturers could be making more progress to eliminate or significantly reduce emissions. Also, I don't believe individuals are doing their part either. We are a society of convenience and we are not making the sacrifices necessary to impact our planet in a positive way." - Christy Chappell

A little joke about paying taxes. I am leaving the writer of this anonymous:

"I am helping global warming by pay for politicians to fly around every day lying to people."

All the responses

If you would like to see all the responses from the questionnaire, click (or copy and paste it into the address bar) the link below to see them:

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Lake Leon in East Texas