Silk Road

by G Turner



The Silk Road began during the Han Dynasty in (206 BC-220 AD). The Silk Road gets its name from the lucrative chinese silk trade, a major reason for the connection of trade routes into an extensive transcontinental network. There where many people involved in the Silk Road such as the Chinese, the Europeans and Central Asians .One of the first people that where involved in the Silk Road was Emperor Wudi. He wanted to expand China's empire, so he relied on a strong army but to have a strong army you need strong horses. The strongest horses that existed lived in Central Asia. Emperor Wudi wanted their horses and the Central Asian people wanted China's silk. Without Emperor Wudi the Silk Road would not have become successful.

what was it used for

The Silk Road was not actually a road. It was not paved. It was not even a single route.

These countries and regions in turn also sent diplomatic missions to China, which brought a busy trade to Xinjiang. Ancient central China's silk products, iron ware, gold and platinum, bronze mirror, lacquerwar and bamboo work, medicine, farming, and metal techniques were introduced to Xiyu (ancient Xinjiang).

Where the silk road is located

The Silk Road is many routes in Asia, not just one road. The Silk Road (or Silk Routes) is an extensive network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting Europe and China. The Silk Road reaches from Europe through Egypt, Somalia, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Burma, Bangladesh, Java-Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam until it reaches China.

The Silk road is 7000 miles long that is a quarter of the way around the world!

why did they make the silk road

It developed over time as the need to transport. Silk was only made in china and people out west wanted silk beacause it is the best for clothing and also has the look and feel of richness. The importance of the Silk Road was to bring money, goods, and people into China , or people who came to search for a better life style. It also was very important because it opened the Chinese to many different European goods and it also gave them the chance to spread their culture and religion around the world. It allowed a safe passage for merchants to travel and trade without fear of being attacked by wild animals.