Keep Yourself Out of Harm's Way

be safe. eat cranberry scones.

The world can be a dangerous place.

Roadways collapse. Trucks explode. Boarding houses catch on fire. Things get stuck. People disappoint. Love doesn't last. There are sinkholes and tidal waves.

What's the secret to keeping yourself safe in a world that many claim has gone mad? Cranberries. Specifically, cranberries baked in scones.

The internet says that cranberries provide protective energy and fight off negative influences (and kidney stones). You owe it to yourself to eat a lot of them.

Our cranberry scones are available in regular, mini AND petite sizes, with walnuts or without. If you feel comfortable in your fate, regardless of what it is, keep on keeping on with the blueberry. Want to treasure every last moment? Go with the chocolate chip. But if you have a lot of living left to do and you want to hold onto your assets and your limbs, you need the protection of a cranberry scones.

Stay safe. Email us at and tell us how many you need.