Prairie Phoenix Academy Newsletter

March 3, 2023

Letter from the Principal

Greetings PPA Families, Caregivers, Students, Staff, and Community,

Happy Women’s History Month!

As a reminder March 7th is ACT day for Juniors/11th graders. It is also a make-up day for our high school students. Below you will find the SPASD information that has been shared with families.

Grade 9 through Grade 12 Adjustments

On Tuesday, March 7, students in grades 9, 10, and 12 will engage in asynchronous learning activities at home and will not attend school. Students in grade 11 will attend school in person to take the ACT Exam for a full school day. March 7 will be a “B Day” for students. Asynchronous learning means that students in grades 9, 10, and 12 will receive learning opportunities (on March 3) from their teachers to complete at home and turn in via Google classroom no later than 3:45 and 3:20 p.m. for PPA students on March 7.

How does my child obtain a hotspot?

We have hot spots available for high school students to check out from their school libraries if they are in need of broadband access to complete their asynchronous assignments.

Hotspots are checked out to students one week at a time through the school library - just like a library book! A student can check out and pick up the hotspot at the library (East and West High School) or the school office at Prairie Phoenix Academy. Each hotspot comes with a charger, case and Wifi hotspot. Once your child is done using the device, they can simply return it to the library or office. Unreturned devices may incur a fine.


The decision to cancel school is never taken lightly. Many factors are weighed as a part of the decision-making process. Please watch this video from Superintendent Saron about the complexities of this decision.

As well, we would like to know what types of community events would you like to see at PPA? Are you a parent, caregiver, or community member that would like to teach scholars how to create your favorite family dish or an art/craft project. Be on the lookout for a google form to share your ideas.

Take care,

Ms. Sconiers

Classroom Notes

In our Government workshop, two of our scholars wrote letters to their local representatives about issues that are important to them. Following their outreach, their representatives scheduled a meeting to discuss these topics with the scholars. It was an awesome experience for all and some important discussions were had related to public safety and homelessness in the city of Sun Prairie.

Book Study at PPA

In Cindy’s Book Study workshop, we are reading and discussing the autobiography Assata. The book highlights the trials and tribulations of Assata Shakur’s life in a personal and political manner. She talks about what in her life led up to her life of activism, and the strength and weaknesses of revolutionary groups. Our workshop has been learning about the culture and political climate of the 1960s to 1970s and how revolutionary groups began to rise up against the inequities, injustices, and “status quo” of the 1960s. Students in the workshop are engaged, outraged while also being inspired to use their voices for change.

Food and Culture

After reflecting on their own culture and the food culture and history in the United states, students selected, researched, and prepared their own recipes for several dishes. It was a fun and hectic time to share foods important to ourselves and others! The scholars did a great job preparing, sharing, and cleaning up!

Student Services Update

A.C.E AWARD (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence)

The Exchange Club of Sun Prairie Randall Reeks ACE Award is a $200 scholarship offered to Sun Prairie seniors. Additionally, one applicant will be selected for a $1000 scholarship. This award recognizes high school students who have overcome obstacles to prepare for graduation. These difficulties can be in school, home, social and/or other circumstances impacting the student's life. And through these, he or she has been able to turn their life around and achieve success that can be associated with school achievements.

This application must be TYPED and may be completed by the student or by a faculty member on behalf of the student. Additional pages are acceptable.

The application linked below and one letter of recommendation is due to the Student Services office of Sun Prairie East, Sun Prairie West, or PPA by 3:45 PM on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

ACE Award Application

The Sun Prairie Local Scholarship application is now available: Seniors please see Ms. Annetta to help you apply.

Seniors, please pick up your senior packets from Sheri Mclean’s office!

JUNIORS! Check your email for your junior meeting with your school counselor, Annetta Wright!

Advisories, look out for the XELLO Competition! Coming Soon! The first advisory to complete their XELLO requirements will receive a Pizza Party!

Home Construction

Scholars are busy applying their geometry skills to building a small model house. They have learned trigonometry, Pythagorean theorem and how to pay close attention to detail while measuring and building. We look forward to watching the scholars continue to build!

Big picture

PPA Juniors Prepping for the ACT!

All juniors at PPA have been invited to participate in daily study sessions for the upcoming ACT, which will take place at PPA on March 7. We are focusing on foundational skills, vocabulary, and test taking strategies for each of the five tests included in the ACT: English skills, Reading, Writing, Science, and Math. We are also focusing on self-care strategies, to help set up our juniors for a calm and confident test-taking experience. Participation in this first week of the study workshop has been terrific! Your juniors have access to practice tests on paper (just ask Mary for one) as well as through Xello, our college and career prep website, and IXL, our online math website. More details about the ACT will be mailed out soon. Thanks for encouraging your scholar to do their best and believe in themselves!

PreACT Secure Wisconsin and Forward Testing

As a reminder March 29th is PreACT Secure and Forward Testing day for 9th and 10th graders. A letter to parents and more information coming soon.

What's coming up for Community Schools?

Do you have an idea for programming? Do you need a space to conduct a class? cooking? workout, seminars or more...well Prairie Phoenix Academy is the place for you. We look forward to opening our doors after hours to accommodate your needs. Please reach out to PPA Community Schools Coordinator Ms. Tenisha Winn for details.

Bus Information

Reminders For Morning Bus Riders

As cold and snowy weather is upon us, here are a few reminders for students riding the bus in the mornings:

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

  • Wait on the sidewalk or close to the curb if there aren’t sidewalks. Stay out of the road and others’ yards.

  • Don’t cross the road until the driver signals and the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board.

Students must have their bus tag with them when riding the bus. Replacement bus tags can be picked up at the school. A photo of the bus tag on their cell phone is acceptable. Students may be denied if they don’t have a bus tag and the driver doesn’t recognize them.


Recordatorios para los que viajan en autobús por la mañana

Debido a que el clima frío y nevada se avecina, aquí hay algunos recordatorios para los estudiantes que viajan en autobús por la mañana:

  • llegue a la parada de autobús al menos 5 minutos antes de la hora programada de recogida.

  • espere en la acera o cerca de la acera si no hay aceras. Manténgase fuera de la carretera y de los patios de los demás.

  • no cruce la calle hasta que el conductor haga la señal y el autobús se detenga por completo antes de intentar abordar.

Los estudiantes deben tener su etiqueta de autobús con ellos cuando viajen en el autobús. Las etiquetas de autobús de reemplazo se pueden recoger en la escuela. Se acepta una foto de la etiqueta del autobús en su teléfono celular. Los estudiantes pueden ser negados si no tienen una etiqueta de autobús y el conductor no los reconoce.