Most Impressive and Unique Structure on the Roman Empire

The Colosseum

The Colossum is an old building in ancient Rome. It was built as an apology by Emperor Vespian to say sorry for the grief their previous Emperor has caused them such as things like burning down homes of the citizens and other buildings.


The main problem about the Colosseum is that it was built on top of a lake and it took a lot of planning to make sure that no water escaped in to the actual structure. The solution as that they strained out all the water using drains. Though they did still have water battles inside the Colosseum.


The Colosseum is mostly made up of brick and stone but there are some other materials like marble, limestone and tuff (volcanic rock). The builders chose this material as it was easy to access in Rome.


The Colosseum is shaped the way is, as it is an entertainment centre and this way everyone can see what is going on even though it may not be a pleasent sight (blood and fighting).

Hoplding it up

There are pillars all around the colosseum to help keep it up and they did for quite a while but unfortunately today the Colosseum is crumbling down.


Scientists don't think the Emperor paid for anything that he used for construction. He just took every thing by force from who ever he wanted because he had so much power.