Growing Up In The Digital Age

Amount of time on a device viewing something on a screen.

What is screentime?

Screen time refers to how much time you may spend watching TV or playing a game.

There are many ways to give your child screen time on many devices.

Examples; I-pads, Smartphones, Tablets, TV's, Computers/Laptops.


I went out and went to my closest park and to the local library to ask a few people about there devices and children. And these following questions. In total, I asked 24 people although I only showed 7 of the most reliable as the other parents who I asked either seemed not to have children or there children were well over 8.

Age Of their child?

Other Siblings older than 8?

How much technology in the household?

How long they use the device during the day?

Where I surveyed them?


Three year old, boy.

§ IPhone 5

§ IPad mini

§ TV

During the morning when the mum he uses the IPad mini

Holroyd Garden Park.

2 year old girl and 4 year old boy?

Yes, 12 year old girl.

§ 2 IPhone’s

§ Samsung Galaxy

§ Mini IPad

§ Laptop

§ Computer

§ TV & Xbox

Spare time considering it’s the holidays now. During dinner.

Neighbour down the road.


5 year old boy, 7 year old sister

13 year old sister, 14 year old brother.

§ Samsung Tablet

§ E-reader

§ 2 TV


§ 2 laptops

§ 3 IPhones

§ Samsung Galaxy S3

§ IPod

5 year old uses the IPod in the morning at about 6 to play car racing games. Until maybe 10 when chores are done. 7 year old is on her E-reader at night time before bed. TV to watch cartoons in the morning.

Merrylands Library


4 year old girl, 5 year old boy.

12 year old girl.

§ 3 TV’s

§ 3 IPhones

§ IPod

§ Xbox

§ Computer

4 year old watches cartoon on TV at 7am to 11ish. Then computer. 5 year old boy TV in the parents room all day, pretty much.

Holroyd Garden Park.


5 year old twins, boy 2 year old girl.

§ Laptop

§ 2 IPhones

§ TV

§ 3 IPads

5 year old have two IPads while there mum does the chores. Car rides and when shopping. 2 year old has mums IPhone during the day whenever she is alone.

Holroyd Garden Park.


1 year girl, 5 year old boy,

8 year old boy, 12 year old girl

§ 4 IPhones

§ Xbox

§ 2 Laptops

§ 2 IPads

§ TV

1 year old watches cartoon on dad’s phone in the mornings. 5 year old boy has IPad and plays Xbox all day with older brother. 8 year old brother has a phone and plays Xbox. Older sister has IPhone.

Merrylands Library.


8 year old boy, 12 year old boy.

§ IPad

§ 3 IPhones

§ TV

§ Xbox


8 year old boy plays Xbox when he wakes up, 12 year old boy also plays Xbox and sometimes PSP. TV is always on,



3 year old boy, 5 year old girl, 7 year old girl.

§ 2 IPhones

§ TV

§ E-Book Reader

3 year old doesn’t use any devices, 5 year old uses mums IPhone and 5 year old watches Pepper Pig in the mornings and 7 year old shares E-book with the 5 year old.

Merrylands Library

Link to more statistics from TABS.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has information on how children use the internet on a daily bases. This has great information to read

The Positives & The Negatives

The positives of screen time is the children are quiet and not making a racket or hassling you. They make less mess and there out of your way. I mean as much as you must love your kids, there is a point where you just need a little bit of peace and quiet.When your doing work, cooking dinner or something important its good to give your child maybe the opportunity to do something productive. There are many shows, interactional activities and colourful hand-eye coordination that your child can be learning while you do your thing. Your child can learn new words, letters and numbers during screen time. Your child can also focus on hand-eye coordination. This will help your child in the future. Although there are positive reasons there are probably the same amount of negative reasons screen time isn't as good.

The actual screen light is bad for your child's eyes. At a young age they could be damaging there eyes. And think about it this way, if your child's eyes get damaged you'll be paying for there prescribed glasses. So think about the near future. Children are getting so addicted, that you don't even realise yourself until it is to late. Your child is officially addicted to ' The screen ' When that can be easily solved. Throw away any devices. Your child can always get a better-hand eye coordination. At age 3-4, I am sure your child can more than likely draw and colour in. Or taking your child grocery shopping. Letting them count the amount of canned spaghetti you put in the trolley. Or how much teeth they have. No harm in just trying the old fashion way.

Recommendations By Professionals On Screen Time.


  • Children under 2 years. Very little time watching TV or using a computer
  • Pre-schoolersUp to an hour a day of programs made for preschool children with little or no computer time.
  • Children 5 to 8 years. An hour of screen time (in whatever guise you choose) a day is plenty. Children over 8 years. An hour and a half-hour to two hours a day. " Article was written by Ella Walsh for Kidspot. Sources include Victorian Parenting Centre and SA Government's Parenting and Child Health

" Parents have a key role in limiting their children’s screen time. Current Australian guidelines for screen time recommend the following:

  • 5 – 18 year olds accumulate no more than 2 hours of screen time for entertainment purposes
  • 2 – 5 year olds accumulate no more than 1 hour of screen time
  • Children younger than two years old do not spend any time viewing TV or other electronic media " Written by The Parents Jury.

Suggested Screen Times That I think Are good.

Children under the age of 2 should be at least staying away from any form of screen time as there eyes are still under developed.

5- 8, They should be able to at least spend two hours on screen time during the week day and 3 and a half hours during the weekend.

9- 12, Kids around there age should be able to spend 3 hours during week days to help with school work, socialise. Any of the screen time activities.

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How to Parent: How to Limit Your Kids' Screen Time Without Stress By Haven Boggs