The Penny Debate

Making "Cents" Out of it!

To Keep or Not to Keep?

Are you a supporter of keeping the penny in circulation, or are you a critic in favor of just getting rid of it?

A Few Facts!

  • First coin authorized in the U.S. in 1787.
  • Designed by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.
  • In 2013 it cost 1.8 cents to make and distribute the penny; with 7 billion pennies made, the government lost 56 million dollars making pennies that year.
  • By rounding cash transactions, elimination of the penny would cost Americans money.
  • Pennies are made from zinc and copper creating waste which harms the environment.

Keep it!

Write a paragraph of why the penny should remain in circulation.

Not Keep It!

Write a paragraph of why the penny should be taken out of circulation.