AFM Honors

1st Quarter is almost complete!

The students have been working hard throughout this first quarter. They have explored such interesting topics like probability, Normal distributions, and piecewise functions. They took a test today on piecewise functions and we'll be working on exponential and logarithm functions next week.

4.5 Remediation

Some of the students have been working hard on the standards they did not master on the 4.5 week formative test; however, there a lot of students who still have not completed these assessments. Students have the opportunity to retake the quiz after getting feedback and meet with me for extra help. The goal is for each student to understand the material in each standard. Ask to see your child's grade book in Learn to see how they are doing. 4.5 Signature, 4.5 Standard 1.01, 4.5 Standard 1.02, 4.5 Standard 1.03 - these four grades should all be 100! I am available most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school.

1st Quarter Midterm

The 1st quarter midterm is scheduled for Friday, October 28! Students will get a review for this. It is important that students strive to do their best on this formative assessment!