Ashamed or Proud?

By: Rosio Sanchez


Populist Party

The Political Party, also known as the People Party, which was started in the South and West part of the United States. They wanted to increase money supply by having the income taxes raised, as well as they wanted an eight hour work day. I am proud of this because they truly thought that the crazy work day hours were getting out of hand.
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Homestead Act

Congress offered to give 10 acres of free land to any U.S. citizen. Originally, the land was the Native American's home, but was taken away from them. This is something I'm ashamed of because Congress took away land that was the Native Americans, leaving them without a home. Although they did give them a new home, but it was actually a reservation.
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Reservation System

There were over 300 reservations all over the United States. Buffalos were killed in order for the Native Americans to go peacefully to the reservations. They wanted them to become more "westernized" and "civil". A very popular quote was "Kill the Indian, Save the Man." I am ashamed of this because they treated them. They had no right to go in and take everything they owned just so they could expand the United States.
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Chinese Exclusion Act

Congress did not allow Chinese to enter the country. This act banned all of them, expect for students, tourist, teachers, or merchants, nor government officials. For ten years, from 1882-1992, this was placed in action but then extended for another ten years. In 1902, Chinese immigration was permanently illegal until 1943. I am ashamed of this because it was the first official document to restrain immigration because of racism. It was cruel to not allow Chinese in who just wanted a better life.
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Granger Laws

The laws wanted to set a max price for the freight and passengers as well as get rid of discrimination. They were started by farmers who were against monopolies. However in 1877, in the case of Munn vs. Illinois, the Supreme Court out voted the vote of the Granger laws with 7 to 2. States won the right to control the railroad. I am proud because it was good that the farmers wanted to do something to help the economy with. Train tickets were all over the place with their prices and it needed to be changed.
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Ellis Island

It was open in 1892 and closed down in 1952. It had six second inspections. All but 2% were usually accepted into the United States. All had come from southern and eastern Europe and about 484,000 people arrived in just 1910. Only about 2.3 million immigrants were allowed to enter. I am proud of this because it allowed America to be what it is now. There are so many cultures in one area and it's crazy to think our ancestors came to the place through Ellis Island.
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Jim Crow Laws

Passed by the South States against the African Americans, which segregated the whites from African Americans in private and pubic areas. Made a big deal when it came to schools. hospitals., parks, and transportation. I am ashamed of these laws because it was racist and unnecessary. It was cruel to separate them because of their color.

Growth of Jobs

As towns became cities, and more people came looking for jobs, the more jobs were available. Factories started opening up and becoming more busy causing them to hire constantly. I am proud of this because it allowed people to get paid so they could provide food for their families.
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New Transportation Methods

Trolleys appeared in this era. It made it easier for people to get to places faster. Now, people did not have to live near their work place. They could get to work even if they lived miles away. I am proud of this because this caused transportation to change history. As time went on we would have newer and better ways to move from place to place.
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Meat Inspection Act

Meat factories, had to have strict rules when it came to packing meat. It was a way to inspect meat to make sure what was put in it was actual animal meat that it was said to be. This was used until better techniques came along later in the 1900s. I am proud of this because people knew that now their meat would be safer to eat.
Meat Inspection Act

Graduated Income Tax

Simply the more you get, the more you pay. It was passed during the time when Woodrow Wilson was President. I am proud of this because all those people that were rich and got paid more had to pay more than those poor people. That way taxes would be fair for everyone.
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They were journalist who tried to expose the truth that went on in America. One of the mist famous muckrakers was Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" which talked about how the meat industry had terrible working conditions and the things in going on with the meat. I am proud of them because they weren't afraid to show what had been happening and expose the truth.
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Open Door Policy

The Open Door Policy was passed in September 6, 1899 and stated that all the nations would have equal access to the Chinese markets. This prevented China from being ripped apart by other nations, that did not include the U.S. I am both proud and ashamed. Proud because it allowed us to get access to markets, but ashamed because we stepped in for our advantage. The only reason we helped was not actually to help, but to make sure we got part of the merch too. Plus it was unfair to China to have zero say about what was happening.
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Panama Canal

The U.S. had asked Colombia for the canal but they denied. So when Panama rebelled against Colombia, they helped them out. Since they helped, they asked for the canal and they had agreed. This canal let trade to be done quicker and let the U.S. trade more with Asia. I am proud of this because it allowed us to trade and send supplies a lot faster than having to go completely around.

Yellow Journalism

This was a type of journalism that would exaggerate the facts. They not only relied on facts but also twisted the story so that it would cause war. Such as the Sinking of USS Maine. They said it was Spain who suck the ship but really it was something inside that caused it to explode. Because of this, the U.S. declared war on Spain on April 25, 1898. I am ashamed of this because they lied for their own benefit. They wanted to start a war and that was wrong of them to do.
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World War I

Zimmerman Telegram

This telegram was sent to Mexico from Germany. It said that Germany would help Mexico gain back land that the U.S. had taken if they attacked the U.S. so they would not enter the war. I was ashamed of this because it was one of the reasons we had gone to war.

League of Nations

It was an organization that made sure that no more nations would create another war such as Germany did. President Woodrow Wilson had suggested to add his 14 Points, but the only reason we did not join was because of Henry Cabot Lodge. I am proud that we did not join because we should not be dragged into another nation's business that does not correspond with us.
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New Weapons

New weapons had been introduced to WWI, such as machine guns, tanks, Fokker Triplane, U-Boats, and Mustard Gas. This caused for a quicker war. I am proud of this because it allowed us to do better when it came to wars.