Most Wanted Virus- Polio

By:Alex Yudice

What is Polio?

Polio is a virus that is highly contagious and can be sometimes fatal. It affects the nervous system and can cause symptoms such as muscle weakness and paralysis.

Organisms M.O.

Polio is spread when an organism comes in contact with infected food, liquids or a surface that is contaminated, whether its consuming it or even just touching it.

The full name for Polio is Poliomyelitis

Most Common Victims

Older children and adults are most likely to get polio.

Culprits Hideout

Polio is usually in southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Most Common Injuries done to the Victims

Anyone that gets polio will experience mild fever and headaches, vomiting, malaise, and sore throat, but severe polio will cause paralysis, muscle pain, stiff neck, or even flaccid paralysis. Some can have difficulty swallowing, causing nasal quality in the voice, and if the part of the brain responsible for breathing is affected badly enough, the infected person could lose the ability to breath.

Is it Armed and Dangerous?

No, only one 1% of the people who catch it have major symptoms and risk of any fatal injury/symptoms.

Most Effective Weapons Against It

Salk and Sabin vaccines are the best choice to prevent the virus with, but when the virus is caught, rest, pain relievers, drugs, and if bad enough a ventilator can help with the symptoms. Polio, however, is not curable.