Snow Lepoards


The snow leopard is known for its beautiful thick fur. It has a white-yellowish or soft gray coat with ringed spots of black on brown, this fur helps them adapt to the cold weather. Snow leopards inhabit a vast span from Afghanistan to Kazakstan and Russia in the north to India and China in the east. China contains about 60% of snow leopard population but this amount is slowly depleting.

How Can You Make a Difference?

- You can adopt a snow lepard that will help raise awareness

- Help stop illegal poaching / killing's

-Push for stricter laws on poaching and pollution laws

-Speak up for wildlife

-Become a defender of wild life

snow Lepard Pictures

Interesting Facts

Snow leopards have light green or gray eyes, this is unusual for big cats, who usually have yellow or gold eyes.

- They can grow to be about 2 feet in height from their shoulders.

- Their length can be anywhere 6-7.5 feet ( this includes the 40-inch (1m) tail length).

- They can also weigh anywhere from 77-120 lb

More Facts

-Mating season is In January to mid March

- The gestation period is between 3 to 31/2 months

- Mother can give birth to 2-3 cubs

- Females chose to give birth in rocky cave in order to provide protection

- At around the age of 3 months , the cubs begin to follow the mother on hunts

- The cubs stay with here tilll there first winter is over then they are on there own

- The life span of a snow leopard is about 21 years


Snow Leopards are at risk for extinction due to illegal hunting and climate change.

As the world becomes hotter more snow begins to melt this means that the leopards have to move up farther up the mountain where there is less food and they become more scarce.

Snow leopards are also being hunted illegally by poacher for there bones and other body parts which are used in traditional Asian medicines because of the beliefs in their healing powers.

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