Announcing its Release!

A Region 10N VASE Website

Dear Region 10N VASE participants,

At our annual VASE business meeting, regional directors were encouraged to put together a website to help promote our regional event and answer FAQs. I have been working diligently on it every day to make it a powerful resource for all. You will find resources such as helping learners fill out paperwork, prepare for their interview, campus maps and directions, etc. I hope you enjoy it! As always, if you have questions, just call or shoot me an email!

The website address is:

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week! Get those entries in!


Other Important VASE Dates

The VASE Regional Event registration process for Region 10N is based on the following dates.

Add / Delete Student Entries through 01/28/16 Midnight.

Edit Student Entries through 02/17/16 Midnight.

Print Invoice after 01/28/16 Midnight, payment due to TAEA Headquarters by 02/17/16.

Registration Closed 02/17/16 Midnight.

Print Forms after 02/17/16 Midnight.

Region 10N VASE Event 02/27/16.

Make Sure You Are Reading the NEW VASE Rules for 2016.

The Blue Ribbon Committee seemed to have been busy this summer! I keep getting rules updates from our State VASE Director, Linda Fleetwood.

Here are some highlights for this year's rule changes so far:

Inappropriate/Offensive Works of Art: TAEA/VASE adheres to displays of artwork that are family friendly.

(A) The following subject matter are inappropriate for VASE and are prohibited:

  • Artworks that include profane references to a deity, obscene language, drug abuse or paraphernalia, images of suicide or criminal violence.

(B) Teachers must receive campus principal’s signature on the Regional Entry Certification Form verifying the artwork has been reviewed and the content is approved.
  • Artworks that include [ANY] nudity, implied or explicit sexuality, or any subject matter inappropriate for young adults, and any content that may offend the moral standards of the community.

Too many teachers pushed the boundaries on the nudity realm. There will be NO NUDITY OF ANY FORM/KIND accepted and judged at this year's VASE Event.


(E) All artwork must have resources and references attached to the back of the artwork (or in the case of 3D artwork, must be included with the other attached form) such as photographs, rough drafts, thumbnail sketches, and/or production/reflection notes.

  • These include but are not limited to student photographs, student sketches, student-directed photographs, production/reflection notes, and any additional secondary references.
  • The appropriate box or boxes on the Student Intent and Artwork Identification Form must be checked citing the source or sources for the artwork.
  • A detailed description of the source of the image (for example, who took the photo and where it was taken) must be written in the appropriate section on the Student Intent and Artwork Identification Form.
  • Digital 3D printed work must have attached source to justify originality.

Event Location: Williams High School

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 7am

1717 17th St

Plano, TX