Andreas's Goals

For parent conferences

My Reading goal

To read at least 1 book a month of random genre and I will do this by reading at least half an hour a day and at least 20 minutes in silent reading.I have partially achieved this by reading for an hour every Sunday and about 30 minutes every day and sometimes of different genres.

Maths goal

To explore different strategies to solve my maths equations with that I'm not familiar with and practice my divisibility maths equations.I have not achieved this even though i am going on Mathletics but still don't understand it.How i will understand this by asking my parents, my teacher or people in G.A.T.E that do understand it ex. Jennifer

Fitness goal

To get an 11 in my next beep test and i partially have achieved this by doing some running after school if it is to race my family in the car to the fish and chip store.I could fully achieve this by going to circuit training and going for runs more often if its with Buddha or my sister.

A2A goal

My A2A goal is to get more actively involved by trailing out for first 11 rugby and other sports maybe hockey?or something else that might appear later in the year.I have partially achieved this by trailing for it a couple times but coming out early.Because i just forget my gear or don't know that it is on.