Ocean Currents and Weather

Isabella Droz

3 Big Ideas I learned are....

  • There are two types of ocean currents: surface currents and deep water currents.
  • Deep ocean currents are created by density
  • As the sun heats the surface of the oceans, the water expands. *mind blow*

2 questions I still have....

  • What is Coriolis??
  • What do scientists predict ocean currents will be in the future? More or less dangerous than now?

1 way the information in the article affects our daily lives is....

It keeps us aware to be cautious of future hurricanes/tsunamis. This lets us know how to identify an upcoming storm nearby. It also keeps us aware to be safe when in the water at beaches and oceans. this is important because ocean currents are very dangerous and strong. They are unexpected when in the water, so always be looking out and use common sense to not go in the water so much in high tides.