Stephanie Kwolek

by jason johnson

Stephanie Kwolek was born in new Kensington Pennsalvainain Julie 31.Her parents were hard workers her mom was a home maker and dad was a Foundery worker.She did not have much siblings all she hade was a Brother.Stephanie loved to do poerty and ralling things for other pepole and she really loved to soe with her Mom.

Important inventions and other accomplishments

Stephanie invented the bullet proof vest in 1965.she started inventing more things at fourty two.she invented Kevlar in here fourty to fifty 1994 she was inducted into the nashinal inveters hall of fame.Stephanie made Polmerit polmerit is a giant Moleulemad up of chain.Stephanie retierd from the Dupont corperashunin in 1986.Stephanie earned a colleg cemioal dagree.
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