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identify tone

Definition of tone

Attitude of the speaker toward the subject,

Definition of tone shift

Its a change of attitude towards something.

Identify tone and tonal shifts

i think tone and tonal shift is when something crazy happens fast and someones tone of voice changes very fast. Tone is a focus on word choice around the subject and u gotta figure out if its positive or negative then from there you can give it a tone word.

Tone and tonal shift focused on death

In tone the author puts more of an understanding with it when someone dies like rosa got really upset when her friend died and she went from happy to sad. In tonal shift its more of an change in attitude when someone dies or something happens.

examples of tonal shift and tone

''They should all piss fire for a mouth'' this would be tonal shift from Liesel she was mad about something i cant remember what is was

"Development of the war and Hitlers current victorious position" this would be tone for hitler and his plans