76% of TBI is in Garrison!

Brain Injury Awareness Week March 10-16, 2014

TBI Forum with Q & A Session

Monday, March 10th, 3-4:30pm

Post Theater, Caserma Ederle

The war in Afghanistan may be winding down, but TBI will still occur. Come listen to the stories of our guests, talk to the experts, hear about the new guidelines for management of TBI in Garrison which took effect in June 2013, and let the experts answer these questions for you:

  • Why is early treatment important?
  • Why should a head injury not be ignored?
  • How can leadership support the troop to return to duty quickly?
  • What are the barriers to treatment of TBI?
  • How is TBI perceived by fellow Soldiers, Leaders and family?
  • What are the TBI resources available in the community?
  • How to recognize symptoms of TBI
  • What are the new guidelines for TBI reporting in Garrison and how does it affect every single soldier?

Hear their stories, raise awareness and find out more.

Service members with TBI will share their experiences. Vicenza military community TBI experts will be available to answer questions by Leaders, Soldiers, and family members.