Jenny Zhang; Period 1


If you are a fan of either chocolate, cheese, wine, bread, or sausages, Switzerland is the perfect place for you. As you pamper your tongue with the great variety of food, immerse yourself in the fantastic scenery of the plentiful mountain ranges that fill almost 3/4 of its land area. Tour the many museums and ancient structures there such as the Swiss Transport Museum and the Gruyere Castle. Be sure to get a watch and a genuine Swiss army knife as souvenirs too, for Swiss watches are thought to be the most magnificent of all watches in the world. A very important annual holiday for them is National Day, which they celebrate on August 1st. Soccer and cycling are popular sports, and that just might make you love Switzerland even more! Come to Switzerland now! You won't regret it!
  • Switzerland's 4 official languages are German, French, Italian, and Romansch, but German is the dominant language. Important phrases you might need to know in German are: "Guten tag." (Hello), "Wie geht's?" (How are you), "Ich spricht Englisch." (I speak english), "Bitte" (please), and "Danke." (Thank you).

  • Switzerland's government is a federal republic. A federal republic means that sections of a country are independent when taking care of their own business but still have a common overall government that is a republic, and that means most of the government's power comes from the people. Mostly, the sections are states, but in Switzerland's case, they have cantons.

  • Switzerland's currency is the franc and each US dollar equals about 0.89 of a franc.

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