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October 2020

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Updates from Mr. Baldwin and Mrs. Mills

Hello Haymarket Cub Families,

Last week Dr. Walts sent information regarding the return to learn for Quarter 2. Families are being asked to finalize their choice of in-person instruction or virtual instruction. I understand that it is challenging to make decisions without a full clear picture of what each model means for your child. At this time we are working through current available information and developing Haymarket ES specific plans. Although we do not have all of the details, I wanted to share some information to support you in this decision. It is important to understand that as more details are available adjustments will be made. Please ensure you visit the PWCS FAQ page HERE for a comprehensive list of details at the Division level.

School Board Meeting - October 7th:

The School Board voted in July to return to classroom learning at 50% at the beginning of the second quarter and this does not require another vote. The School Board can choose to make another motion at the meeting that is next Wednesday, October 7th, but as of now we are scheduled to return at 50% in K-12.

Instructional Delivery

Virtual Only students will receive virtual instruction through Zoom or livestreaming Tuesday-Friday at scheduled times. (We are still awaiting details on amount of daily live instructional time).

50/50 In person - about half the students in a given class will be in-person with a teacher in the classroom T/TH or W/F. During virtual days, students in that class will be accessing a livestream of the classroom from home. We are awaiting direction from the county on the amount of daily livestream instruction. Families will be aligned within the same "house" and attend in person on the same days.

Staffing: A common concern among parents, students, and teachers, is that teachers may change. As students were required to make a decision on virtual only/in person, we also have teachers that require a virtual only position. When we created classes over the summer, we tried to plan as much as possible, but with changes needs it was challenging. While I will work to minimize the disruption to student schedules there will likely be changes to accommodate students selections and to meet the social distancing requirements for those in person. At this time, I cannot guarantee that you will stay with your current teacher under either selection. We also have to consider other services that many of our children require (ESOL, special education, gifted, etc.).

Transportation: There will be double bus runs for all students that are in-person and choose bus transportation. This is due to the amount of students that can be on a bus together.

Masks: The return to in-class learning will involve students wearing masks. Students learning in-person at school will need to wear their masks whenever they are within 6' of anyone else.

Schedule: There will be changes to the daily schedule as double bus runs will bring students to the building at different times, lunch schedules currently scheduled school wide common time need to change, accommodations for live streaming, and encore changes.

Lunch/ Recess / Encore: At this time, lunch will most likely be in the classrooms but there is a possibility based CDC and PWCS guidance, as well as total number of daily in-person students that it could be in the cafeteria. We are working closely with Food Services and Central Office staff to get specifics before making any definite plan. There will be daily recess with careful planning to ensure we don't have too many students outside. Cleaning of equipment will be done as well. Encore teachers will either travel to the classroom to deliver their lessons or it will be streamed through the Smartboard in the homeroom class with the homeroom teacher present. We are actively working through all scenarios.

Again, I realize this is a difficult decision to make without full details of the county and school specific plan. The ParentVUE survey is open through Sunday, October 4th to make a decision for your student. If your choice has not changed since July, you do not need to make any changes. Please be sure to double check that your selection is accurate. If you did not complete the survey in July, it auto-filled to in-person learning.

Please remember that per Dr. Walts' Second Quarter Update, students' parents who choose in-person for the 2nd quarter may at any time choose to pull their student from school and go to virtual only. But, parents/guardians who choose to opt their student(s) out of in-person learning will be asked to commit to the choice through the end of the semester due to in-person capacity requirements. Students who begin in-person but later need to be distance-learning-only can be accommodated.

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Advisory Council

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 6:30pm

This is an online event.

The format will take on more of a Town Hall feel, utilizing pre-submitted questions and comments from you the parents. An email will be coming out on Tuesday with a link to submit your questions ahead of time. The Advisory Board will organize the questions and submit them to me beforehand. The chat feature will be utilized during the Zoom meeting to ensure if there are follow up questions, we address those as well.

Please look for the Zoom link and question submission link to come out on Tuesday, October 6th.

Zoom Update

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New updates for Zoom are available to further secure the Zoom sessions your children are participating in. It is very important that you update the Zoom app on the computer or devise that your student is using. Those directions are below.

Important Note: If you received a PWCS laptop from Haymarket ES at the end of last school year, you must take it to one of our Wifi parking lots listed on https://www.pwcs.edu/departments/information_technology to get the County policy UPDATES before you will be able to update the Zoom app. Once you are at a Wifi parking lot, turn on or restart the PWCS laptop, let it sit for one minute and then login. Wait an additional 15-20 minute and restart your computer. Please wait for it to completely restart. At this point they should have all the county updates and you should be able to update your Zoom App using the step below.

Update Your Zoom App

To check if your Zoom app is up to date follow these steps:

1. Open the Zoom app by clicking on the Zoom icon on the desktop.

2. Go to your profile in the upper right corner and click to reveal a drop-down menu.

3. Select Check for Updates

4. The update with start automatically and you will see a blue line move across the bottom of the window.

5. When the update is finished, click on Update.

6. Lastly, Windows will finish the update as you will see in a pop up. WAIT until that window closes.

Counselors' Corner

Your School Counselors are still here for you virtually! Your students should be enrolled in our grade level guidance courses and will be participating in their first guidance lessons in October. We are focusing on Social Emotional Learning, Bucket Filling, and Coping Skills. We are all so excited to see your students in our classes! We are also excited to announce a new School Counselor has joined our team this year, Ms. Scott. Ms. Scott comes from Pennsylvania originally and brings tons of new and fresh ideas to Haymarket. She will be technically working at HMES one day a week, but it has been obvious that she is committed to help out whenever we need it!

All students also have access to our Canvas Counseling pages. Here we have tons of information on Parent Resources, Referral Forms, ways to contact us and more! Come check it out! Just like when we are in the building, if your student needs to see a counselor, they can fill out a Request to See a Counselor form and we will reach out as soon as possible!

For counseling information, please visit: https://pwcs.instructure.com/courses/188108

What is Social and Emotional Learning?

During these uncertain times in learning, educators and parents know that supporting student’s social and emotional learning (SEL) is critical to the overall success of children.

Please watch the following short video to learn more about SEL.


This article will help you understand how to help with SEL at home.

The article explains:


10 Ways Parents Can Bring

Social-Emotional Learning Home

1. Take care of yourself, even when it feels like the last thing you can do right now.

2. Establish Routines and intentionality.

3. Presence is not the same thing as being present.

4. Commit acts of service or kindness for others.

5. Engage in creativity together.

6. Celebrate what you can.

7. Practice active listening.

8. Help your child express and name emotions.

9. Practice social emotional learning daily.

10.Transition mindfully.

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Daily News Show

Please tune into our Daily News Show Tuesday-Friday! Updates will be posted by 9:30am every day and can be accessed by clicking on the News Show button on your child's teacher's Canvas homepage. Birthday announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Haymarket Pledge, special announcements and much more are on there!

For the next couple weeks, there will also be special character building videos from our Boosterthon team!

Library Book Check Out Available!

Curbside Pick-up will be on Monday's from 12:00 pm-6:00 pm. (Except 10/12/20, Columbus Day) in the BUS LOOP. When you arrive at the school in the BUS LOOP there will be a sign with directions. You will need a cell phone to call the Library at 703-468-2821 to let Mrs. Z or Mrs. Fisher know you have arrived. We will bring your books out to you.

Please complete your request by 8:00 AM each Monday for that same day pickup. You will receive an email when your books are ready. You may request up to 3 books each week. Books are checked out for 2 weeks. Each student may have a total of ONLY 3 books at one time.

Here are the steps to check out a library book:

1. Watch this video to learn how to request books using the Microsoft Form below. We will not be using the library catalog to place a hold. https://pwcps-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/zenonire_pwcs_edu/Eanzyq34dr5GimreD73Dzc8BCFSv7yIoOMj3HJucFX86Tw?e=VtEcDI

2. Check our library catalog to see what books we have available: https://library.pwcs.edu/common/servlet/presenthomeform.do?l2m=Home&tm=Home&l2m=Home

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How do I return my school library books?

We have a new library book “dropbox” outside of our school!

Please put your child’s library books inside of the dropbox. It is located at the front of the school and is bright red.

*Books lost? Please put cash or check (made out to Haymarket Elementary) in an envelope with the student name and drop it in the dropbox. Thank you!

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A message from our Encore Team

Encore loves being a part of your day and each week we look forward to viewing your assignments and showing us your learning for our class! In Music, ART and PE, you will still be given a standard based grade on your report card for this quarter.

There will be 4 main standard based lessons to be assessed and they will clearly be marked in each of the encore modules. This is our grading criteria:

(N) 0 turned in or no effort made on assignments

(S-) 1-2 turned in or little effort made on assignments

(S) 3-4 assignments turned in with consistency in effort

(S+) Student goes beyond what is asked of them for each assignment turned in

Attendance Reminder

We want to assure every parent and student that safety and well-being is our top concern. At the same time, it is the expectation that students participate in real-time learning experiences whenever offered in order to create the best virtual experience for learning. We also understand that there will be occasions when a student may be ill and not able to participate in virtual learning. If at any time, a parent/guardian feels that their student is not well enough to participate in virtual learning, please contact your school office to excuse the absence.

While the expectation is that students attend the live session, we understand that circumstances beyond your control may not allow for this. If this is the case, please reach out to your teacher to discuss other options for class attendance. Depending on your situation, you can be marked as present for a class period by participating in what we call “Asynchronous Attendance” activities. This means that your student may complete an assignment or take a quiz in order to show the teacher that your child understood the content that was taught. Whenever possible, we ask that any alternative assignments, projects or quizzes be submitted during the same week in which your student was not able to participate in a live lesson.

See below for a summary of different ways your student can be considered in attendance at school:
• Participation in synchronous online lesson.
• Viewing asynchronous online lessons or pre- recorded synchronous sessions.
• Submission of a daily task/assignment/quiz/discussion board
• Communication with the teacher regarding inability to access online resources and completion of alternate assignment (this should be rare and not a regular occurrence).

As with previous school years, daily automated calls and emails will be sent to parents and/or guardians when a student is marked absent for synchronous sessions or if they were not able to engage in an asynchronous activity within the same school day. All students that are held to compulsory attendance laws will be required to attend school by one of the above methods. If a student will be absent, contact your school to alert them of the reason. Please note that truancy guidelines will be followed if a student accrues an excessive number of absences, as defined by Notice 724-1-19 – Attendance and Excuses – which can be found on the Prince William County Public Schools’ website.

5th Grade Strings Interest

Because you want to…

  • Learn the unique skills to play an instrument
  • Execute the skills so precisely that you don’t have to think anymore (imagine that! A teacher telling you not to think… what a world!)
  • Perform a variety of music by combining different skills and patterns

This year, the Strings Program offers an exploration of the skills required to play a stringed instrument. We will develop unique ways of creating sound and learn different patterns that allow us to perform any song we want to learn. We will meet online once a week and you will reserve time in between classes for personal practice.

For more information about how to sign up or rent an instrument, please email Joseph Salzberg at SalzbeJB@pwcs.edu. Please say which school you attend so you can receive the correct information and schedule.

Looking forward to working together this year,

Joseph Salzberg

Lego Drive extended!

One of our amazing students, Niko, WILL NOT let COVID-19 put a damper on his efforts to bring joy to other students, so he decided to do it virtually! He and his family created a wish list Via Amazon so the Legos will come directly to them to then deliver to the INOVA Children's Hospital. Please spread the word and share! This has been extended to October 6th!! Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1R6A1ILNJYRXI?ref_=wl_share
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Boosterthon Even More Important This Year

Haymarket Elementary families! As a reminder, donating has opened for our Haymarket Cubs Virtual Dance Fit! With students learning from home, they'll be able to watch daily character videos on Canvas each morning, starting next week! Our goal for this year’s program is to raise $15,000 for online instructional materials and devices.

You can do 3 things to help support our school through this fundraiser:

  1. Register on funrun.com tonight.
  2. Share about our fundraiser with family and friends using the SHARE BUTTON on funrun.com (students earn rewards just for sharing)!
  3. Give a donation if you are able to; though all students will fully participate regardless of financial participation.

Thank you again for your support during this unique year for our school. Go Cubs!

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Create Your Own Trail Virtual Race

While Broad Run Off Road couldn't do their normal in-person 5K/10K race series as planned, they still want everyone to get out and explore the many great trails in our area while staying socially distanced. They still want to raise money for a bunch of great local non-profit organizations (including Haymarket ES!), and want you to be able to get in on some race shirts and other SWAG.

50 miles, 25 miles, 10 miles... whichever distance you choose, you get 50 days to run, walk, hike and work on that goal. Take it down one small activity at a time, or go big and get it all done in big outings, its completely up to you!

Join us through the fall season as we come together to raise money for 3 great local non-profit organizations: Haymarket Elementary PTO, Cub Scouts Pack 42 & the Vint Hill Dog Park!

So how does the CYOT Virtual Challenge work?

  • Step 1: Pick a distance and Sign Up!
  • Step 2: Invite your friends and family to join the challenge as well.
  • Step 3: Run/walk/hike between the start/end dates and log it on our race site.
  • Step 4: Be social, share your progress on the BROR Facebook page, support others and win prizes.

Log activities wherever you want at whatever time or weather conditions you want!

100% of the Proceeds Donated

While we aren't able to do 3 separate in-person races for each of these great organizations in 2020, all proceeds from this virtual event will be split among the Haymarket Elementary PTO, Cub Scouts Pack 42 and the Vint Hill Dog Park.

We may not be able to come together as a few hundred all at once, but we can still come together to race and raise money for some great organizations while staying safe, healthy and sane :)

Register Now!

School Zone Signs Operational

Our 25 mph school zone signs are now up and running. The lights will be flashing between the times of 8:45am-9:45am and 3:25pm-4:25pm. For the safety of everyone, please be sure to adhere to the new speed limit during these times. They are controlled by Central Office so they can switch them on and off depending on closures.
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