Study Skills

some skills that can help you in a test

Study Skill #1: Keeping track of when to study

Before a test you study but you dont know how much time to study so a good way to keep track is making a schedule so you know when to study and how much to study also take 5-10 min break so you wont get stressed out a good way to relax is by going ouside and playing or excersize inside

Study Skill #2: A good place to study

Finding a good place to study can be hard sometimes but when you find it it can be good a best study spot needs to be comfy but not too comfy then you'll fall asleep it has to be a little quiet too not too quiet that will make you go co co it will be good if you hear wind outside

Study Skill photos

Study Skill#3: how to memorize stuff easy

a good way to memorize things is by making flash cards