the planet you will never forget

what in the earth is neptune

Well first I should start off with saying what in the solar system is Neptune? Because Neptune is not inside the earth. Neptune is the eigth farthest planet away from the sun, well let's just say that it is the farthest away from the sun because pluto is no longer a planet.pluto is in fact 4,503,000, 000km away from the sun.Neptune was named after the roman god of the sea and is 80% hydrogen and 19% helium and methan ice.size of planet? 24,622km

what's sooo great about neptune

Explore this fantactic planet with 13 moons , like swimming well Neptune is 80% water. Neptune is water and ice so hockey players, swimmers, skaters, ssnowboardders and exct. "Wanna keep cool"*NEPTUNE NOW*

where's the facts?

Descoveres:Johnann Gottfried Gallie, Urbain Leverrier, John Couch Adams and D'sheinrich Louis D'arrest.

what is the average tempiture in neptune?

-218°, Neptune has a very active climate:large storms whirl through it's upper atmosphere, and high-speed winds track around the planet at up to 600 meters per second.

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earth and neptune

Length of rotation?

0.67 (19.1 hours)

length of day?

0d 16h 6m

length of year?

165 year's

what is it's atmosphere made of?

earth:nitrogen, gases

Neptune:ice and water

size (km) compared to earth?

Earth:6,371 km

Neptune:24,622 km

number of moons?