Contemporary America Scrapbook



Iranian Hostage Crisis

Members of the U.S. embassy in Iran were held hostage from November 4, 1979 – January 20, 1981 because President Carter refused to return the Shah to them to be tortured and killed.


The Iran-Contra Affair

The US sold firearms to radical groups in Iran, it was a secret mission that the citizens of the US didn't know about.


President Ronald Reagan's economic policy when he was elected to office, tax cuts to wealthy.


Young teens in the 80s who watched MTV, music videos became popular as well as blockbuster movies.

Ronald Reagan Elected

Ronald Reagan was a conservative who brought materialistic and consumerism.


Bombings on World Trade Center 1993



4 planes hit various spots in the US, seen as the first major act and threat of terrorism on the US. TSA created, and Department of Homeland Security.