Auditions for dance/singing group

Starburst Group

starburst auditions

You don't need to prepare anything! Just come ready to dance/sing and have fun! Please make sure to stretch and warm-up. We don't want any injuries! Also please bring a recent photo of your child.

Starburst Dance and Singing Group Auditions

Saturday, Oct. 19th, 4:30-6:30pm

St Vartan's Park, New York, NY

New York, NY

35th street and first avenue


4:30-4:45- Gather/ get everyone a number

4-45-5:30- Dance Auditions

5:30-5:35- Break

5:35-6:25- Singing Auditions

6:25-6:30- Review

We are Starburst Dance and Singing Group

"We are as sweet as candy!"

Starburst is a dance group for kids 15 and under. We hope to perform at different places and eventually hope to compete at dance competitions. We are seeking any kid who is passionate about singing/dancing and is ready to work hard and have fun. Please come to our auditions on Saturday October 19th, 2013. After auditions please leave some contact information so we will be able to contact you in the future. Every kid is guaranteed a spot in the group! Hope to see you on Friday!


Myla and Isabella (Creators of Starburst)