Kingdom of Aksum

by Joshua Alonso & Isai Chavez

What is the Kingdom of Aksum?

The Kingdom of Aksum, also spelled "Axum", was located in East Africa. Sometimes the Kingdom of Aksum occupied parts of Eritrea, Northern Etiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and sometimes also parts of Southern Arabia.


The Kingdom of Aksum became important around 50 A.D. and became most powerful from 300 AD to 600 AD. It became most powerful because of a trading center called Adulis, located along the Red Sea which is now Massawa, Eritrea. The Aulis trade was ran by Arabia, Egypt, and stretched all the way to China.

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The Kingdom of Aksum also conquered other kingdoms along the Red Sea and the Blue Nile River. The Aksumite kings built beautiful palaces, granite buildings, and other amazing things. Ezana was one of the kings of Aksum. King Ezana conquered what is now Sudan and made Christianity the state religion.
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Coming to an end

In the late 600's, the Muslims surrounded the Kingdom of Aksum wanting to stop Christianity from spreading. The Muslims became more powerful and destroyed the Kingdom of Aksum, making the kingdom come to an end.
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