K-Prep Newsletter

Ms. Heather & Ms. Mary

Save the Date!

November 1-3 Food Pantry Food Collection

November 17 Community Helper Day

November 22 Thanksgiving Feast

November 23-24 No School Happy Thanksgiving!

December 15 Christmas Program

December 20 Polar Express Day

December 21 AM Classes Only- Early Dismissal at 11:45 am

Fall Weather

As the weather turns cooler, please change out the shorts and short sleeve clothing in your child's backpack. Sometimes we get dirty on the playground and need to change. Other times, we forget to push our sleeves up while washing our hands and end up with wet sleeves. It's no fun to spend the day wet or dirty. We want to make sure your child is in weather appropriate clothing if they need to change. Thanks for staying on top of this!!!

Pumpkin Patch

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Thank you to all the wonderful parents who were able to join us!


If your child wears shoes that tie, please DOUBLE KNOT them before class. Shoe tying is a skill most of us haven't accomplished yet so it really helps to have them already double knotted. THANKS!!!

The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything By: Linda Williams

We read the story, "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything" by Linda Williams. Next we put the story cards in order. Finally, we worked on a sequence page that we took home. These skills help us learn about story comprehension and important details.
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Reading Logs

Great job getting those to me! Every month your child has the opportunity to read 15 books for a treasure. If you misplace your log just let me know and we can replace them. My goal is to have the whole class reading 15 books a month with their families! Keep up the good work!

"BEE"attitude: Help Others

Please consider donating food items to the Good Shepherd Food Pantry. We will be collecting food during our Food Theme Week on November 1st. Look for a note in your child's backpack.

Community Helper Day

Please let me know if you would like to speak about your job at our community helper event. We would love to have any parent, grandparents, aunts or uncles speak to all

K-Prep kids. Small groups of K-Prep kids will rotate every 10 minutes to learn about different jobs on Thursday, November 17th. Please consider helping us out. We would LOVE to have you speak!

Halloween Parties

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Thanks so much to all the wonderful families who helped make our Halloween Parties AWESOME!

Have a great weekend!