letters from rifka

karen hesse


Russia when she was in Russia she had lost her because when she was at her cousin house and she got real sit and it made her go to the hospital and the doctor said the she had got caners and she was staring to lose her hair and she lost a lot of it but she did't get bald.

But when she was in she was in Russia she sad because when her father and mother left to go visited her cousin but she could go because she was still in the hospital.

main characters






conflict when she had lost her hair she was mad that when the doctor came in and he said that rifka his goten really sit and she has cancer really bad

plot summy

when her mother and father was about to go visted her cousin in the united state because one of her family members was really sit and rifka was mad because she did't get to go.


When the little baby got killed he was really sik and he just died and it was very sad.

author's purpose

it took place in russia


this book is historical fiction