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The 6-1-16 Issue

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Google Apps News

Do you have sticky notes all over the place? Do you keep Things To Do lists (or want to)? While my personal favorite is Wunderlist, Google Keep is gaining momentum. Wunderlist is a straight forward program that you can categorize your various lists. Google Keep allows you to organize what you want in a variety of ways. As you will see in the tutorial, it is easy to get to. So in addition to getting into the habit of opening your calendar each morning, you could also open up your Google Keep. The video will detail things like you can always have your TTD list with you & you can share all or some of the items with others. Think of the possibilities of sharing with students!

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New! Google Keep Tutorial
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Creative 21st Century Scholar

The "Creative 21st Century Scholar" for this issue is: Colleen Fee

Colleen Fee designed a Google Form that she uses to collect data on her contact with students. By analyzing the data, she can see patterns that help her plan counseling interventions.

The form captures some basic information about each student -- their grade, their race, and whether they are a general education, 504, special education, or ELL student. She also logs whether the contact was the result of a classroom lesson, group, or individual session. The form allows her to indicate the reason the student received counseling, and what interventions she used.

Google Forms organizes the data into charts that allow Colleen to see how much many students she’s seen at each grade level, and whether there are certain students who have frequent visits. She can also use the data to learn more about which issues are re-occurring in the student body as a whole or among certain grades or sub-populations of students.

Analyzing the data helps Colleen plan her interventions. Noticing that students’ issues cluster around a few topics allows her to think through the most effective ways of serving them, and to plan services that are both preventive and responsive.

Kudos to Colleen Fee

(Each issue will feature a new staff member or a new idea.)

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Do you know someone or feel you are a worthy candidate for the "Creative 21st Century Scholar" recognition? Please send an email out to any of the Google Clusters along with a brief description of your impressive initiative.

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21st Century Learning News

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