Steps to One-Step Equations: Unit 4

Never struggle with equations or everything in between again


Let's review the basics: Algebra Substitution

Are you having trouble with substitution and algebra? Well, you should have a look at this very website: It can help you with this part of the unit. So far, this is the easiest part of the unit. It has many videos for subtracting fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, etc. When you're ready, read on.

Now to expressions. How do you write them?

Believe it or not, writing expressions is pretty hard. However, it gets easier when you review it often. I hope you get better at writing expressions by the time you finish this video. It is below this post.

We are done with expressions. We are going on to harder and bigger things!!!

Let's make this even harder. Let's try variables .

Independent and Dependent Variables in graphs

What is a variable? Well, a variable is a placeholder, a number in a equation we don't know yet. However, there are two types of variables: an independent variable and a dependent variable. A independent variable is a you have control over, what you can choose and manipulate. A dependent variable is what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the experiment. For example, in the equation b+ 4=12. B is the independent variable because it is a set number; it can't be anything else than 8. Another example is 7-y=d. The D is the dependent variable because if y is 4 , then d has to be 3, but if y is 6, then d has to be 1. See? The dependent variable "depends" on the independent. This video can explain even clearer:

Find unit rate

The unit rate is the number or price of one item. For example, you're buying soccer balls for an upcoming game . It says $10.00 for 4, but you only want 2. You should the unit rate for the soccer balls . Each soccer ball should cost $2.50. That means that you will pay $5.00 for the soccer balls. This video can help you greatly:

Find percent of a number

This video is really     helpful:// Brainpop is a really nice website to go to when you are curious about something. But finding percents are easy. All you have to do is think. For example, if you are finding the percent of 44/50, you have to multiply 50 by 2. That gives you 100, then you multiply 44 by 2, too. Now you have 88/100. that's how you find a percent. This brainpop can help you even more:

Convert measurement (metric and customary)

Believe you me, this is hardest standard I have ever studied. The way everything is like 9 cups= 4.5 pints, makes no sense. Well, my teacher came up with a cool way to help me remember the customary system. It goes like this: "In the land of "G", there ruled King Gallon. King Gallon had 4 queens, Queen Quart. Each queen had 2 princes, Prince Pint. Also, each prince had 2 cats, Captain Cups. The metric system is a different story. But my teacher came up with something to help you. It goes like this: King Henry died drinking chocolate milk. This is King= Kilo, Henry= Hecto, died= Deka, drinking= Deci, chocolate= Centi, milk= Milli.You can use these to help you with everyday measurements. This video is for metric: This one is for customary:

Lastly, we have to solve algebra tables

This video can help you learn alot about algebra tables:

Now for the games

Here are some games that are interesting. This review game for equations is really fun and you can even play with a friend, parent, and sibling: You can find more games like on