OVS Weekly Update

February 8, 2019, Volume 100

Mark Your Calendars!


Monday, February 18th

  • No School--President's day (No online lessons)

High School Registration Infosession and Q&A (Parents)
  • Tuesday, February 26 10:30 and 1:30
  • Wednesday, February 27 9:45
  • Thursday, February 28 10:30 and 1:30

High School Registration Infosession and Q&A (Learners)

  • Tuesday, February 26 11:30 and 1:00
  • Wednesday, February 27 9:00
  • Thursday, February 28 11:30 and 1:00

Coming in March

  • Re-registration information will be coming during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Stay tuned!

Support our Robotics Teams!!!

Mr. Gamble and the Middle School Robotics teams will be competing this Saturday, Feb. 9th at Beveridge Middle School from 10am-5pm.

Our elementary team qualified for regionals!!! They will compete on Saturday, Feb 9th at Omaha North! Competitions will start around 10am.

Wear your OVS gear and cheer our teams on!

Good Luck Teams!!!

Learning Coach Training Survey

How would you like to view LC trainings?

Fill out a 3 question survey to help decide how LC trainings are done this semester when it comes to Instructional Strategies.

Learning Coach Corner

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Do you ever find yourself teaching for hours, yet your child still isn’t getting it? Let’s look at what your child is doing to get the information. This pyramid shows the retention rate according to how content is experienced. Reflect: How does my child experience content the most? How can I adjust how my child experiences content for a higher retention rate?

LC Training Materials

CommonSense Media--Digital Citizenship resources

Here are the materials our wonderful Keegan Korf used during the training! Thanks Keegan!!

Flocabulary Oversharing Video

Digital Dilemmas Conversation Starters

10 Things to Think About Before You Post Poster

Snow Day Clarity

We all love a good snow day! However, it tends to complicate schedules.

If OPS has a snow day, Omaha Virtual School is closed. This means teachers and staff do not report. So, no online lessons, no one to answer the phone, and emails sent that day may not be returned.

If there is a snow day on your learner's assigned day, we do not count that as an absence. It is a lost day. It is NOT required for your learner to make up that day at the center or those hours on campus.

It IS an option for your learner to come on the next session during the week. If you would like to do so, please EMAIL the team of teachers, so they are prepared for your learner.

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Penny Wars for the Polar Plunge

UPDATE: Mr. Dowling is doing the Polar Plunge, too!!!

This week, our K-8 school raised $50!! We can't tell you which class is in the lead...

Next week is the last week of penny wars, so bring on the change!

Each year, Mr. Gamble takes part in the Polar Plunge, which is in support of the Special Olympics of Nebraska. This year, we would like to support his fundraiser with money raised by a Penny War!

Bring your bills and coins and to your face-to-face session on the weeks of February 5th-14th.

If you didn't do the Penny War last year, this is how it works:

  • Pennies and bills are positive points, put them in the jar for your class.
  • Silver coins are negative points, so put those in the jar for another class.

All the money collected from the first week will go to Mr. Gamble's Polar Plunge Fundraising. Money collected the second week will go directly to the Special Olympics of Nebraska.

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OVS is hosting a WCA official Cube Competition on March 23rd!! If you can solve a cube, register to join this amazing group of people from around the world! If you can't solve it, come and watch! It's truly INCREDIBLE to see!! We are also looking for volunteers. I will send out more information about volunteering soon!

When: March 23, 8:00-5:30

Where: 60th and L basement

Who: Anybody that wants to watch, compete, volunteer

How: Register using the link below!

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OVS Location Update

As you know, OVS will be moving for the upcoming school year, because the land our current building is on is for a NEW Omaha Public School's high school.

We will be moving our WHOLE program to the Omaha Public Schools' Teacher and Administration Center or the TAC building. At this time, we know that the K-8th grade classrooms will be on the 4th floor. It is the plan that this will be our LAST move. We will share more information as we learn more.

OVS Synergy

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Book Fair

We have a virtual book fair going right now! Get some new books and support our school all in one spot! It's a win-win! Follow the link below!

LC Book Club
We are gauging LC interest in a book club! This is a way for us to gather and get to know one another, AND model a love of reading for our learners! If you are interested, please email Ashley at mullerfam6@gmail.com

Parents' Night Out

The Next Parents Night Out is Feb 22nd from 5-8pm. We are still looking for more volunteers so if you're interested please email Michelle at Michelle.leigh@hotmail.com

Learning Coach Exchange

Jan 29-31st will be the OVS materials exchange in the basement of the K-8 building. Please also bring lightly used OVS Gear you no longer need. Synergy Socials will be taking place in the Learning Lounge during this time as well.

Learning Coach Lounge

We are in need of disposable coffee cups! If you are at the store this weekend, please consider picking up a bag or two! Thanks!

Synergy Dates to Know!!

2/22- Parents night out 5-8pm

2/26- Skate Daze

3/5-8 Book Fair

4/26- Game Night 5:30-7:30

OVS Synergy Facebook Group

Connect with OVS learning coaches in a closed group on Facebook!

This group is for those of us who are enrolled in OVS. The group focuses on questions as we begin the year, questions regarding the children's homework, technology related questions that pertain to OVS, field trip information and updates, and anything else that comes up that we wish to discuss. Click the below link to request to join and engage in the conversations!


OVS Synergy- Our non-traditional version of a parent teacher organization. All are included and invited to participate, donate, and engage.

OVS Synergy Mission: A collaborative Organization that Creates Engagement and Learning Opportunities for Teachers and parents to support Student success.

Ms. Rogers' Class Update

Week in Review:

We read A Bad Case of the Stripes and talked about character traits and what we noticed about the outside and inside of the character in the book. Click the link above to hear the story from class. Learners also worked on writing sentences about their picture of what they would want to do as a snowman. It was busy with Art and coding this week. Learners logged into their code.org account, if they would like to work at home they can get to code.org from the Symbaloo page.

Looking Ahead:
We will be working on retelling a story inside of Seesaw this week. In Math we will focus on addition and subtraction fact fluency. We will also continue working on our "Show Me the Money" book.

Please check your email in regard to Class Connect on Monday. We will not be having our "normal" lesson, instead we will be working on a Flipgrid project. I think our learners will enjoy it!

Mr. Dowling's Class update

Week in Review:

We are working with Main Idea and Supporting details in class. We did a fun Mystery Bag Activity this week. Learners were given bags and had to figure out the Main Idea(Theme) of the bag by looking at the support details(items) in the bag. We started an extension activity for learners to justify their answers. We set class and individual MAP goals this week and also sent home their MAP Scores in their purple folder. Those numbers might not mean anything to you. I will be emailing a sheet that will help. As always, feel free to speak with me before/after our face-to-face sessions.

Looking Ahead:

Looking forward to a regular week of class next week. We will continue to look at Main Idea and Supporting details with fictional texts next week. We are also hitting our Lit Circle books pretty hard. Please make sure your learners are keeping up with their reading. In the book, How To Eat Fried Worms, they need to read chapters 16-27. This book uses Roman Numerals to label chapters. We did a quick lesson on them, but you might want to go over it again. I have attached a brief video that may help as well. For The Pain and the Great One, please have them read p21-29.


Roman Numerals

Mrs. Walker's Class Update

Week in Review:

This week we tried something new in coding where we wrote down the code our partner had to follow to stack cups! The students really enjoyed it! We also worked on coordinate planes, this was new for some of us and review for some! Next week I want to try battleship using what we learned about coordinate planes!

Next Week:

Next week I want to try something new called flipgrid! This will be a new way to answer a question with a little video of themselves! It should be a lot of fun! We are also doing penny wars so bring your spare change so 4th/5th wins!

Mr. Gamble's Class Update

Week in Review:
The week was productive and learners accomplished a lot. Middle school students got new devices with an image that addressed many problems in the past. High school students can look forward to this next week.

Looking Ahead:
We want to continue riding the momentum we have gained due to the hard work the learners are putting forth in their coursework. Keep watching the pacing guide for the expected completion tasks. Also, remember all lesson quizzes require an A, B, or C to move forward. All tests require an A or B. If you don’t achieve these levels of mastery, you must review, relearn, and retake.

Reach out for assistance with any areas that are proving difficult. I am eager to help you during the available times. I am available during PIT on Wednesday (60th & L) 1-3, Friday (online) 10-11, as well as the normal required online sessions.

This month’s resource is a return to a reliable site. Symbolab is a great resource for parents to support their learners in math. This free math problem solver answers Algebra, Geometry, and many more problems with step-by-step explanations. Learning coaches can use this to verify learner answers and get steps on difficult problems.


Weekly Online Math Sessions:
Remember that all math sessions are required for all learners. This will allow us to connect on past, present, or future topics. It also allows a check-in with the teacher for verification of progress. Learners: come prepared with questions or concerns on lessons or topics of your choice.

The schedule for regular online Math sessions is as follows:

Math 06: Mondays @ 9:15 – 10:00.
Math 07: Mondays @ 10:15 – 11:00.
Math 08: Fridays @ 9:15 – 10:00.
Algebra 1: Wednesdays @ 1:30 – 2:00.
Geometry & Honors: Mondays @ 1:00 – 1:30.

Mrs. Felten's Class Update

This week in class, 6th grade students will work on the water cycle project. 7th grade will begin the Endangered Animals of Nebraska project. 8th grade will begin making solar ovens.

Mrs. Robison's Class Update

Happy 2019! A new year brings a new start! Fresh notebooks, clean folders, sharpened pencils and a re-commitment to organizational strategies are all things that will help kick off a successful second semester!

ELA and Computer Apps are going to continue to provide opportunities for your learner to grow and challenge themselves to be the best they can be! I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

Please bring notebook to Face to Face time next week! This will be a helpful tool to get the year jump started! Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to learning with you this year!

Mrs. Barry's Art Class Update

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

This week AM 4-5 students brainstormed symbols that could represent themselves and created a symbolic name drawing. 2-3 and K-1 read the book The Goat in the Rug and dove into the world of weaving. 2-3 used cardboard looms and yarn and K-1 used paper to weave and explore patterns.

Next Week: 6-8 Face to Face Art - Circle Weaving, please bring in any finished artwork to be checked!!

Week of February 18th: Open Art, Sign up here.

If you were unable to attend STEAMFair or didn't get to take a look at the art displays, check out your learner's hard work:

OVS STEAMFair 2019

Go to this Sway

9th Grade Newsletter

Troubles with your device?

If you are having issues with your student's device, please email your issue/concern to this email address: ovs-techhelp@ops.org

Parents will get an email response following your submission. One of our staff members will email parents back to provide assistance, so be sure to check your email after sending your concern.

Mission Statement

We are a dynamic and nurturing community of learners that empowers students to reach their individual potential by providing a creative atmosphere for innovative learning and academic excellence.


Future ready, today.

Core Values

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