SharpTop Cove

January 29-31, 2016

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Join Us in Prayer

Yesterday over 250 teenagers and leaders from Columbus stepped off the buses at SharpTop Cove. Please join us in praying for our weekend camp. Many of you have signed up for specific times to pray. Below you will find our high school friends and leaders that you can offer up to the Lord by name. We thank God in advance for what He is going to do in the lives of our high school friends this weekend.



Jacob Abeyta

Loren Alexander

Daniel Amos

Mackie Amos

Ryan Anderson

Colton Anderson

Jenna Anker

Helena Ashley

Cassie Atchley

Jerry Averett

Jonathan Baker

Henry Barnes

Leo Beaudoin

Abby Beaver

Timi Bechard

Drake Beck

Garrett Bell

Peyton Benson

Brayden Berard

Cambrie Berard

Boyd Bickerstaff

Rusell Blanchard

Evans Blanchard

Payton Booth

Cason Borum

Jonathan Brand

Zoe Bridges

Kaylee Buglioli

Mackenzie Bunnell

Sarah Burgin

Olivia Butcher

Redding Byrd

Will Byrd

Brittney Calhoun

John Calhoun

Gabriela Caligaris

Maxton Corona

Jen Carpenter

Ben Carr

Shannon Casleton

Cam Chandler

Chandler Ciuba

Amy Clark

Reames Clark

Andrew Cole

Cameron Cook

Wellsley Copelan

George Copelan

Sara Ashton Copelan

Belle Copelan

Evans Copeland

M W Courville

Emily Crenshaw

Katie Crenshaw

Edwin Cruz

Bethell Culpepper

Ford Cummings

Isabelle Darrah

Josh deBrabant

Mason DeNamur

Sam Dismuke

Sally Dismuke

Taylor Dodd

Laura Beth Dowe

Anna Katherine Drew

Ryan Drew

Carley Dudley

Ansleigh Dudley

Clayton Duncan

Mary Katherine Duncan

Kendall Dupree

Laney Edwards

Wright Eggena

Amanda Eggert

Emily Elliott

Katelynn Ellis

Emma Grace Evans

Bremer Eysel

Clara Eysel

Ty'Keria Farley

Shamarion Feggins

Cairia Ferguson

Courtney Ferguson Corrick

Josh Fernicola

Elizabeth Forthofer

Sara Ashleigh Foster

Blake Foster

Breanna Gates

Callie Gatewood

Caroline Gemes

Molly Goare

Anna Rose Goldman

Sarah Gordy

Slayton Graham

Molly Graham

Rachel Grier

Sam Grier

Kaylee Griffin

Mitchell Gross

Eliza Gross

Preston Haralson

Haley Hardage

Claire Harper

Leslie Harris

Savannah Harris

Carson Harris

Taylor Harris

Ruth Anne Hasty

Rachel Hemmings

Hunter Hemmings

Unique Henry

Caroline Hill

Cole Hill

Walker Hinds

Kaleigh Hinton

Avery Holbrook

Audrey Holmes

Dorothy Holt

Sarah Hopkins

Camille Hudson

Ridley Hudson

Tyra Hudson

Nicole Humphries

Sydney James

Jack Jenkins

Carver Johnson

Dayshun Johnson

Katie Kendrick

Guy Kenimer

Meg Kenimer

Mandy Kidder

Coleman Killorin

Lillie Kilpatrick

Eric King

Mackenzie Koon

Sam Kyte

Sydney Lavender

Vicoria Laymon

Anna Leary

Rachel Leary

Sam Lemieux

Kaitlyn Lester

Abby Lewis

Grace Lewis

Austin Lewis

Bailee Liston

Katlyn Little

Jack Little

Brock Lively

Miracle Long

Hollings Manderson

Sarah Massey

Hannah Mattson

Jacob McClung

Morgan McGrory

Ella McGregor

Rachel McQuinn

Sydney McRae

Kate McVay

Duane Melvin

Darby Miller

Pepper Miller

Jackson Milliner

Emilie Anne Misamore

Rebecca Ann Mitchell

Catie Moffett

Helen Morgan

Griffin Morgan

Katherine Moss

Lawton Mullin

Wynn Mullin

Lydia Mullins

Brandon Newton

Alex Noell

Ryals Norman

Culver Norred

Paige Northington

Luis Olivares

Molade Olubowale

Jonathan Oravic

Ashley Otterness

Gaby Otterness

Tyler Pace

Ava Pahl

Olivia Parker

Blakely Parr

Luke Paul

Libby Paul

Zoe Paul

Rudy Pearson

Charles Pease

Jack Pease

Emily Pease

Jack Peek

Bailey Pettis

Brady Pettis

Abigail Pitts

Isabella Pitts

Hannah Pitts

John Pope

Reese Powell

Katelyn Pujols

Will Quigley

Madison Quinn

Davis Quinn

Lauren Rice

Isabella Rijos

Lauren Roman

Caroline Roman

Taylor Roos

Alex Royal

Quinten Saine

Anna Sayers

Laura Sayers

Isabel Schley

Gigi Schorr

Kate Scrivner

Christopher Shadburn

Stuart Sherrer

Blair Shinault

Jacob Sholtis

Catherine Sigman

Bradford Sikes

Shannon Sloan

Benjamin Sloan

Ben Smith

Lilly Stephens

Morgan Stockdill

Libbie Stone

Carson Storey

Coleman Strother

Eric Swecker

Richard Swift

Perk Swift

Vivian Swift

Trent Swinehart

Jessica Teal

David Thayer

Courtney Thomas

Bianca Thomas

James Thompson

Emily Timmons

Lilly Trawick

LaKandra Tucker

Hallie Turner

Arielle Tyler

Bailee Valentini

Gwen VanIngen

Zoe Vazquez

Trent Veal

Bo Voltz

McClain Ward

Miller Watts

Drew Webb

Carter White

Levi Wolff

Graham Wolff

Ben Womack

John Woods

Kevin Woodrum

Halleigh Woods

Dylan Wright

Abby Wynn

Jacob Yates

Kaitlin Young


Andrew Carroll Columbus

Kate Hargrove Brookstone

Tori Kennedy Northside

Jonathan King Hardaway

Alex Chapman Brookstone

Hunter Chapman Brookstone

Jeff Jones Brookstone

Kathy Jones Brookstone

Lindsay Lage Brookstone

Matt Lage Brookstone

Grant Davidson Columbus

Meghan Brooks Columbus

Sarah Tinsley Columbus

Geoff Foster Columbus

Rich Stephens Columbus

Katie Sturgeon Hardaway

Alex Sturgeon Hardaway

Davi Ramos Hardaway

Tori Enfinger Hardaway

Tori Kennedy Northside

Parks Pace Northside

Taylor Sellers Northside

Erica Rivers Carver

Jillian Williams Carver

Morgan Webb Columbus

Jack Key Brookstone

Sydney Jarrett Columbus

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3