Secret Newsletter!

Dear Parents

Shhhhh! This is a secret newsletter. Our teachers are not cc'd.

We would like to kindly ask each family to make a contribution to our teachers' HOLIDAY GIFTS this year. I've always thought the best gift to any teacher is a gift card so they can spend it as they please. We all know being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs, however not a very well-paying one! So why not let Ms. Shirazi and Mr. Alex know how much we appreciate them by presenting them with a little token of our appreciation next THURSDAY during the Holiday Party?? :)

One of our moms, Karen Moore (Aidan's mom), has graciously offered to collect the money and go out and purchase the gift cards. We'll most likely split the amount 50/50. So if we all contribute at least $20 per family, we could give them each $200 for caring for our kiddies all year :)

Please click here to make a FAST, EASY, and SAFE contribution to our lovely teachers:

Thank you so very much!!

Tammie (Ethan's mom)
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Please don't forget to send your child to school in a RED shirt next Wednesday for the Winter Concert! Preferably WITHOUT graphics! The kids will be wearing reindeer antlers like the ones seen here in this photo below.
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We've got a $7 parking deal at Le Montrose Hotel on the corner of Cynthia and Hammond. There's street sweeping at 10:00 on Wednesdays on a lot of streets around school, so it might be safer to park in the Montrose or at a meter on Sunset instead of worrying about your car. The concert is supposed to be 52 minutes and starts at 8:45am so it SHOULD be okay but you never know.