Oklahoma State University

Alexis Martinez

Nickname/mascot - pistol Pete

Pistol Pete was chosen as the mascot for Oklahoma state university because it is a tribute to Frank Eaton. Frank witnessed his father's murder by some lawless confederate soldiers when he was only 8. He was challenged by a a family friend to avenge his fathers murder, so frank began to teach himself how to shoot a gun. He practiced and practiced until he became a pro. Before he went to kill one of his father's killer, he went to fort Gibson to practice. He beat out the best marksmen and caught the eye of Colonel Copinger. He gave Frank a marksmanship badge and a new name, pistol Pete. He set out to kill all the men that killed his father. He later met a Deputy United States Marshal at one of the killer's funeral, and was offered a job. He became a deputy US marshal. After becoming a deputy, he set out to kill his last man. He was successful and succeeded in avenging his father death. His death was publicized world wide in magazines and newspapers around the world, and his daughter who lived in Perkins, OK got sympathy letters as far as Germany, Canada, and Japan. Pistol Pete is the mascot today in honor of Frank Eaton, who people say lived the life of a true cowboy.

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Unique slogans/mantras

- ride 'em cowboys

-go pokes

-live orange

-pistols firing

5 unique facts

- the women's equestrian team has overall won 5 western national championships, with the 5th one being recently won this year

- 68 different athletes have from OSU have competed at the Olympics. There have been coaches, wrestlers, baseball players, softball players, track and field participants, managers, and team physicians. Over all they have won 29 medals ( 21 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze). Someone from OSU has competed in every Olympics since 1924

-wrestling is big and has 34 national championships which is the most championships collect by a school sport

-Barry sanders is the only football player from OSU to win a heisman trophy (running back) 25 years ago

-mike Gundy is one of two coaches in the big 12 who coaches at his alma mater

5 products with OSU logo

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5 athletic logos from OSU

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What kind of image is OSU trying to project out to people?

OSU is known for its very bright orange color seen in the logo, all around campus, and also in their main slogan: live orange. I think they use this bright orange, and the mascot pistol Pete, to show that they are very confident in their school and they want you notice them from all the other schools and show that if you choose their school your experience will be bright and happy.