Sabrina Leguizamon

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Kissland's Society

In the world of Kissland there is only good and kindness. No one is Judged by their race, sexual orientation, their thoughts, or even in how they dress. There is no violence , every one lives happy and doesn't worry about anything.

Kissland Laws

  • Everyone will treat each other with kindness and love
  • An hour of family bonding time 7-8pm
  • The children will be out to explore the greatness of Kissland
  • Music will be without any profanity

If any one were to break these laws , they will be sent back to the real world and can not come back to Kissland.

Comparison to LOTF~

In Kissland there is only kindness while in LOTF there is rudeness, also there is freedom of speech while LOTF doesnt have that.

Another thing is Kissland is more fantasy while LOTF is more realistic .

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