Why DeadMau5 should come to school?

By; Jacob hathaway

He cant make it???

Everyone said that Joel Thomas Zimmerman couldn't make it

yet he did it when he was just fifteen years old.

Deadmau5 was bullied by even his friends because of him always saying he`ll do it and he did find his way into the music label.

He finally made it!!!

Joel Zimmerman finally did it when he had his big break in the music label.

He was 15 and very proud.

His biggest concert was when he was in London 14,500 people came.

His album career???

In 2004 he was 22 and had his most successful album called album title goes here.

In 2012 he had his second ghosts n stuff.

1st album above .

2nd album below.

This is why!!!

This is why deadmau5 should come to our school and that reason is that he can help us not give up on our dreams that we very much and most all the time do not want to give up.