Keats Project:

Billy Bates


1.Washington D.C.:

  • Tour of Washington D.C.:$79.99

2.New York City:

  • Tour of Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial: $59.99

  • New York Yankees Game Field MVP Club Seats: $300.00

3.Niagara Falls:

  • Helicopter day trip of Niagara Falls with lunch included: $509.99


  • Tour of Chicago: Trolley Tour of chicago $34.95

5.Yellowstone National Park:

  • 4 day Yellowstone and Grand Teton Wildlife Tour: $1450.00

6.Grand Canyon:

  • White Water Rafting: $429.99

7.Yosemite National Park:

  • 2-Day Yosemite National Park Tour: $404.00

8.Redwood Forests:

  • Full Day Tour of the Redwoods: $115.00

9.Los Angeles:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers game: $225.00


  • Seahawks game in a suite: $300.00




New York City:

As I visited the 9/11 Memorial, the scene was somewhat overwhelming. I could feel the power of where I was at. I remember seeing the videos of the attacks but being at the place where it happened was a different story. There were families all around me and I could tell that they were grieving. I could feel for them because I could tell some of them were families of victims. The monument was so tall and it signified how great my country is. We can come back from such tragedy and be better than we were before. We can not be pushed down.

Niagara Falls:

As I approached in the helicopter, I could already begin to see the steam of the water from far away. It began to hit the windshield of the helicopter almost like it was misting outside. As we landed the helicopter and got out, the sound was truly deafening. I could barely hear my guide. When I boarded the Maid of the Mist, it began to take us closer. I began to smell the water and it was intoxicating. The small was a pleasure to my nose. The trip to Niagara Falls will always be remembered.

Yellowstone National Park:

The wonder of Yellowstone was amazing. The beauty of it was overwhelming and I was truly in awe. When walking around on my 4 day journey, I saw so many wonderful things. The smell of the pines filled my nostrils as we walked through on our tour. It was truly an intoxicating smell. But my tour was not all fun. As we were walking, we spotted black bears and wolves. Seeing these majestic but also terrifying animals really sent chills through my veins.

Grand Canyon:

I took a walk through the great canyon. I took a hike through the canyon and stayed a few days at the bottom. On my hike through the canyon, I truly was amazed. The sun was shining off of the sides of the canyon with such beauty. It really was awe-inspiring. The size of the canyon made me realize how small I really was on this great big earth. It made me realize that I just have a small role in this big world. It was an unforgettable experience.


While I was walking into the stadium, there was already a large crowd assembled. There was a buzz about the people that really cannot be explained. They were all so excited for the game that it really got me excited. O also enjoyed the smell of the butter and the popcorn. And the burger that they had there made my mouth water. When they raised the flag for the 12th man, the crowd went crazy. The sound was deafening and it made me realize how much this city really rallied around their team. And how much this team meant to their city.