Druid Hills High School

Community Week at a Glance - August 14

Monday - PTSA Parent-to-Parent/Student-to-Student Meeting on the College Admissions Process 6:30p Media Center

Applerouth SAT and ACT Classes & FREE Practice exams at Druid Hills High School

Take a free mock exam at Druid Hills HS!

Learn what to expect on the SAT or ACT by taking an official full-length proctored exam under test-like conditions. Afterwards, receive a comprehensive score report that identifies strengths and targets areas for improvement.

To register, visit applerouth.com/signup and enter the event code (below)

SAT Mock exam from 9AM-1:30PM

August 19: M260077

ACT Mock exam from 9:15AM-1:30PM

August 26: M260078

Ready for a Prep class? Prepare for the SAT or ACT in an interactive class where students learn the major concepts and strategies needed to master the exam. Class price includes group instruction, all materials, and full-length practice tests under simulated testing conditions.

SAT Class: 8/19-10/3. Tuesday classes from 3:30-6PM and Saturday practice exams from 9-1:30PM

ACT Class: 8/26-10/17. Tuesday classes from 3:30-6PM and Saturday practice exams from 9:15-1:30PM

To view the course schedule and to register for the SAT class, please visit to applerouth.com/signup and enter the event code SAT3392

To view the course schedule and to register for the ACT class, please visit applerouth.com/signup and enter the event code ACT3393

Solar Eclipse Monday!

The Atlanta area will observe a partial solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. The event will begin at approximately 1:00 pm and conclude at approximately 4:00 pm as the moon clears from in front of the sun. The eclipse will reach its peak at approximately 2:35 pm. At this point 97.4% of the sun will be blocked by the moon. Throughout this entire time any direct viewing of the eclipse should be done with the aid of special viewing filters. Looking at the sun without the filters can cause permanent damage to the retina of the eye. The DeKalb County School District is delaying the dismissal of schools by one hour in the afternoon of Monday, August 21, 2017. The delay in student dismissal allows our schools to use this unique event as an instructional opportunity. The schools will be utilizing the event to teach the students about the sun, the moon, and how they travel through space. The District will provide all schools with CE certified and ISO 12312-2 compliant solar filters or safety glasses for student use.

If one of the planned instructional activities, in your student’s classroom, includes the teacher taking the students outside to view the event, the specialized filters provided to the students will allow for students to safely view the eclipse. Instructions for the use of the special viewing filters will be supplied by the astronomers from Fernbank Science Center. A brief example of the instructions can be found on the Center’s website at http://fsc.fernbank.edu/eclipse.htm. An Opt-In form for outside viewing is attached and is required for students to participate in outside viewing activities. Recognizing this is an exciting event for all, student behavior will be closely monitored during the viewing.

Afternoon dismissal will adhere to the district’s delayed release schedule. The district will utilize the standard three tier bus schedule with elementary schools dismissing first. This will be followed by the high schools and then the middle schools. Druid Hills High School students are expected to be released at 4:10pm on August 21.

We want to emphasize that solar eclipses, with this amount of coverage, are rare. The next one will not occur until 2024. We are hoping that with proper safety procedures this becomes a very memorable experience for our community. Thank you for the opportunity to utilize this special learning opportunity and to engage your student in the learning process. Additional background information on the eclipse can be found in the Solar Eclipse Guidance document provided by the school district.

This Week

Monday, August 14

PTSA Parent-to-Parent Meeting College Night Media Center 6:30p
JV Vball vs MLK/SWD 5p

JV Sball vs Clarkston @ DHHS 5:30

V Sball @ SWD 5:30p

Tuesday, August 15

V Sball vs Woodward @ DHHS 5:30p

Thursday, August 17

JV Sball @ Woodward 5:30p

JV Vball v Holy Spirit @ DHHS 5:30p

Friday, August 18

V Fball vs Chamblee @ N. Dekalb Stadium 7:30p

Saturday, August 19

Mock SAT Cafeteria 9-1:30p