Perserverance= overcome an obstacle

Newsletter By: LaDale West II

Gerda Weizman Klien problem and solution

Problems: She had to overcome walking with the Nazis for 4 months without food or water. She bounced around from concentration camp to concentration camp. She lost her mom and many friends during hard labor ,and poor treatment

She went through the pain through all the concentration camps

She overcame family and friends dying

She went on a death march for 4 months and over 3,00 girls died over the 4 month march.

When she went to the hospital after the march, and always came to visit her to make sure she's ok. They fell in love and got married.

When she came to begin to write her biography, (All but my life.)

Description Jonas from the giver

Jonas had to overcome receiving memories that were terrible,and that gave him pain. He also overcame leaving the community he was resilient not tho let the weather, troopers, or a baby stop him from reaching a new found land.

Meaning of perserverance

Perseverance means to overcome an obstacle in life that will your future. All the text pieces, videos, and people we have and talked about taught me that when things are thrown at you. You have a choice to give up or try,and try over and over again to overcome it.