Preventive Care

By: Blake


In a mammogram doctors look for calcification in the breasts. This may or may not be caused by cancer. They also look at the density of the breasts this can be bad too.

Pap Smears

In a Pap smear they look for infections and abnormal cells in the vagina that may lead to cancer.

Testicular Exams

These exams look for abnormalities in the testicles. If there are any bumps or lumps that could be a sign of cancer. If the testicles or the tube that carries the sperm is enlarged that could be a sign of cancer.

Prostate Exams

In these exams doctors take your blood and see if there is a rise in PSA levels in your blood. If it is high it is likely that it is cancer or it could just be a false positive.

Who should be Getting These Exams?

Men-Testicular and Prostate exams

Women-Mammograms and Pap Smears

What Age Should People Start These Exams?

Most people should start to take these exams when they hit around 20 years old

How Often Should Someone Get These Exams?

Mammogram-Every two years

Pap smears-Every three years

Testicular Exam-Once a month

Prostate Exam-start at 40 to 70 years old