Newsletter 23 September 2022

Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimātao

Kia ora koutou

As much as there have been many changes this term, we have also had a much needed sense of going back to business as usual. Term 3 events like Cantamath, Kapahaka, Ski Trip and School Disco were back on the calendar. School assemblies and other school events felt more welcoming as the Covid restrictions relaxed.

I would like to thank the community for the tremendous support I have received as Acting Principal this term. I’ve enjoyed being out and about and catching up with families in the playground. Our staff have been incredible with the way they have also stepped up to new roles, particularly Kristie Morrison and Paula Gray as Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal. Kathryn has also trained me well in matters of budget and finance. Along with a fully engaged Board, currently led by Sarah Long, what a great team we have! There are exciting times ahead with a new Principal and Board in Term 4.

We have an unexpected long weekend with the Queen Elizabeth Memorial holiday on Monday. There have been discussions around the teams with children curious about the Queen’s reign. We certainly acknowledge this history-making event that marks 70 years as a reigning monarch.

North Canterbury Kapahaka

Congratulations to our Kapahaka group who represented us with a stunning performance of waiata and haka. Their passion and pride were evident on stage. Kapahaka has been ably supported by Holly, Sue Caddie, Bridget and Nick who have utilised their music and te reo skills (and certainly enthusiasm on Holly’s part!). The daily practices clearly paid off.


A reminder that we will be holding on open afternoon on Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30. Our children will be sharing their own interpretations of our cultural narrative.


A reminder that because our open afternoon has moved to Thursday there will be no school Assembly next week.

Digging up the Past History Group

Billie, Bowen, Rosa, Harlow and Tyler have been busy this term catching up with emails and carrying out interviews to find out more about the history of our kura. With some initial guidance at the start, this group have managed to work independently which is a real credit to them. Information has been typed up as summaries which will make their way to our ‘Digging up the past’ wall in the office. We will also make these into books for each team.

Ngā mihi nui

Linda Baran

Acting Principal

School Photographs

After a few date changes our school photographs are now confirmed for next Thursday, 29 Sept. All children will have an individual and a class photograph taken. If you would like a sibling portrait please complete the green form which will be given to families today or email the office by 3pm Tuesday.

From our Board Chair

Dear parents, this is my final newsletter as Board Chair. As the new board takes office I step down on the last day of term and Rachael Spencer will very ably take over the reins as the Presiding Member of the Board.

To support a smooth transition we recently held a meeting of both the outgoing board and the incoming board. It was an effective way to handing over the baton of governance. Our new Principal, Kris Barrow, sat in on this transitionary meeting and it occurred to me how perfect it is for our school to have a fresh new board and a new Principal starting at the same time. This timing makes possible a new chapter in the life of the school.

As I have looked back over the achievements of the “old board” there are plenty of milestones to be proud of, however I believe that the most significant and critical role of a school board is to appoint the very best leader for the school. I am certain that the outgoing board has done this twice with the appointment of Juliana and more recently the appointment of Kris Barrow. Next term you will have plenty of opportunities to meet Kris and I know you will find him very people focused, a real natural with children, and a highly capable leader. He is very excited about starting at Clarkville.

Over term 3 Linda Baran has done a superb job as Acting Principal. The fact that Linda is so highly respected and well liked by students, parents and staff speaks volumes about the person she is and the way she operates. Linda, Kristie Morrison and Paula Gray have been a first class senior leadership group who have done much more than simply keep the ship afloat this term. Progress has been made in a number of important areas and the positive climate in the school and the particularly high level of collaboration amongst the staff is a credit to their leadership. They have worked as a unified team and they have taken the school with them. A special thank you to Kathryn MacIntosh too, she really is the font of all knowledge in the school and she has been a great support to Linda this term.

Thank you to the Chris Miller and Mike Pile and Linda Baran who have left the board. Chris’ insightful and perceptive approach has been an asset and Mike’s expertise in all matters relating to property is unequalled. Linda has stepped down as staff representative on the board. Linda is an educational guru and her input to board discussion around teaching and learning and student achievement has been of the highest caliber. The new board is fortunate that as Deputy Principal Linda will still be available to inform and advise them.

Thank you for your support of the outgoing board. Thank you for trusting us to govern the school in a prudent way. We have done our very best to keep student learning and well -being front and centre in all that we have done.

All the best for the spring holidays. I hope they are filled with sunshine, time outdoors and opportunities for your family to take a break from routine.

Kind regards,

Sarah Long

Board Chair

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From our PTA

Thank you everyone

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with the House of Bricks Lego afternoon, the School Disco and the Kings Seed fundraiser.

We had just over 80% of our kids at the school disco .. and from all accounts, a fab night was had! We sold 254 packets of seeds (some families will be busy planting this weekend!). The Lego afternoon was very well supported with all the tickets sold (plus a few more squeezed in!). It was great to see kids having so much fun, and some of the amazing builds!

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported our latest fundraisers, with a very special thanks to all our volunteers; we couldn’t run these events without you!

While we are on the thank yous, we’d like to also acknowledge the wonderful Racheal Anderson; without whom we would not have sushi every week! Thank you Racheal.

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Next PTA Meeting - is on Tuesday the 29th of November in the staffroom. This will follow our annual AGM. All welcome!

Thanks, Kristy and Nic

Sport Update - Hockey

Year 5/6 Selwyn Hockey tournament

The Clarkville yr 5/6 hockey team travelled to Nunweek park to take on the well-drilled Selwyn house hockey girls. Some early goals to Selwyn house caught the Clarkville girls by surprise and left Clarkville chasing the game, and at half time we were down by a few goals. The girls who were new to hockey blended in well and the team got stuck in and fought back to level the score with minutes to go. With some great tackling, skills, and determination Clarkville came out on top. Thank you to the schools, parents and Boyd Chamberlain for helping to make this happen.

Sport update - Volleyball

Throughout this term our year 7/8 students have been representing Clarkville in Monday night volleyball. Many of them have enjoyed their season so much that they believe they will take up volleyball at high school next year. They have learnt lots of new skills and recently competed at the end-of-season tournament gaining some impressive results. The Year 7/8 boys team came 1st place in the tournament and the girls came away very proud of their progress. We are very proud of our Volleyballers for getting out there and trying something new. Thank you to Maree Breen for supporting this team.

2022 Term Dates

  • Term 3 ends - Friday 30 September @ 2.50pm
  • Term 4 begins - 17 October
  • Labour Day - Monday 24 October
  • Canterbuy Show Day - Friday 11 November
  • Term 4 ends - Friday 16 December @ 12.15pm

2023 Term Dates

Term 1:

Tuesday 31 January - Thursday 6 April 31 (Jan is Connection Day)

Term 2:

Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June

Term 3:

Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4:

Monday 9 October – Friday 15 December