Material Safety Data Sheet

Element: Metzcury

Emily Metzger 4th Period

Symbol: Mz

Atomic Mass: 82kg

Discovered by: Mr. and Mrs. Metzger 15 years ago

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits found in Seaside, Florida and in front of a computer screen. Extremely low quantities found in swimming pools. Element does not react well to H20.

Physical Properties

  • Surface is fair with dark, wavy hair. Also has hazel eyes and braces too!
  • Boils when little brother comes into room without knocking.
  • Melts when there is no homework!
  • Can cause happiness if Element gets a car for 16th birthday.
  • Specimens can be found in various states:
A. Sad when finished Breaking Bad on Netflix.

B. Happy when being with loving family.

  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when told to clean Element's room.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by black and green olives.
  • Is attracted to a sale at Nordstrom!
  • May explode spontaneously when people make noise in a movie theater.
  • Requires copious amounts of time to cheer.
  • Is inert if in bed on a rainy day.
  • Will repel to body odor and other repulsive smells.
  • Is impervious to any negativity about achieving Element's goals.
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