Our school as an example

A GOOIS innovation

The ISIS club

The school environmental club, ISIS, named after the Egyptian goddess of life, takes care of the environmental activities in school. Each class has an appointed environmental leader who takes charge of environmental duties and activities of each class.

The Eco-pledge

The eco-pledge, an student initiative is an oath that students take, promising to fulfill all their duties towards the planet and exercise eco-friendly practices in everyday life.
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These are student members. The eco-advocate is selected from every class and an eco-warrior from every grade.

Responsibilities of an Eco Warrior

· Will be responsible to switch off lights/A.C of his/her grade.

· In charge of Environmental Quizzes/ Examinations.

· Should update environmental activities in the School Eco Blog.

· Overall environmental responsibility of his grade.

Responsibilities of an Eco advocate

· Motivates & actively participates in the paper collection/ I CAN campaigns.

· Responsible for the ECO CORNER which is to be displayed in every class.

· In charge of Balcony stories

· Takes up the responsibilities of Eco Warrior in his absence.

Inter-house eco-activities

During the environmental week in our school, inter-house activities, such as poster making and collage making competitions are held, to instill the idea of spreading awareness in our budding leaders of tomorrow.

Bottle Plants Program

A project was assigned to students to recycle plastic bottles by painting & decorating them and planting saplings in them, to inculcate recycling habits and use their creativity to the fullest. These bottled plants are hung in the school walls.
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Paper & Can Collection Campaigns

Paper & Can collection drives are held throughout the year to make recycling a daily habit among our students. This has helped our students become more responsible and nature- centric.

Green Olympiad Examination

The GOE is an excellent opportunity for students to test their Environmental Quotient and is held in our school every year for grades 3-4 and 8-10.

Street Plays

Reaching out to the crowd is the best way to spread awareness on Green Friendliness. For this, we hold street plays in the school premises, that conveys a special message.

Environmental workshops and seminars

The ISIS leaders take the initiative in conducting interactive seminars and talks to children about environmental conservation, and encourage them to come up with ideas of their own that can be implemented in school.

Vertical Gardens

  • A smart and innovative idea that the school initiated, to use limited area and cultivate to the maximum.
  • We at GOOIS believe that space should not pose as a barrier for creative minds. Keeping this in mind, we have inventively used the concept of space management by planting the Vertical Gardens.

The Green Project

  • We have overcome the problem of constrained space by using various recyclable materials sure as tyres & plastic pots.
  • We have used every available space in our school to plant different saplings and watch them grow.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Self-efficiency in cultivation of vegetables is a step that we have taken in our school.

  • We have planted a variety of vegetables such as chilies, tomatoes, capsicums, bitter gourds, snake gourds, ash gourds and ladies finger.
  • It is truly a splendor to see students of varied ages coming together to take care of these plants
  • This is also a way for the primary students to be able to culture the feeling of responsibility within themselves as they water and take care of the plants everyday. And then finally be able to pluck the fruit of their hard work.

Scientific experiments

High school biology students studied the pesticide and macro nutrient levels in the veggies cultivated in school with those of veggies from the local market.

Environmental Projects

The senior biology students made reports on various subjects that relate to the environment, which helped be aware and creative while presenting solutions. These were:

  • Recycling
  • Healthy living
  • Energy Conservation

Salad making

A part of the veggies plucked by the Grades 1&2 were used by the Home Science students to make salads and serve to the Kindergarten children.

Plant Journals and Nature Walks

The tiny tots bring their families to school and have a pleasant walk while fending for nature. They have their own share of garden chores and incorporate them in worksheets for Garden vocab.

Children from the primary maintain their plant journals.

Plant Sale

As part of holistic learning, we have incorporated the idea of Plant sale which deals with environmental friendliness and entrepreneurship in young students. Children sell these plants at low costs to school staff and show their love for mother nature.