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PTO Black Out Date

Meghan has cut off PTO requests for Thursday and Friday of this week. If you have not already been accounted for please do not put in a request. At this point, if a staff member will need to take a day your class will be divided amongst your team members.

Friday Half Day

We will be dismissing students at 12:30 on Friday. Each grade level will be eating lunch 15 minutes early to assure that each student gets a meal. 5th Grade will be the only exception. 5th grade students will eat lunch in their classrooms. Meals will be brought to the 5th grade classrooms.

Personnel Changes

This semester there have been a couple of changes made to our staff. In 3rd grade, Mr. Salerno is our replacement for Ms. Jacobs. In intervention, we have Ms. Melissa Louper back to replace Mr. Salerno. In second grade, we have Kim Hardy replacing Ms. Bethani as our teaching artist for that grade level. We currently have an opening for our Dean of Students position as Mr. Thomas Hyde will not return. Please be as supportive as you can to these staff members and they learn their new role.

If your students are curious about where the other teachers have gone, simply encourage and remind them that no matter where these teachers are, they still care about them. Try to keep the conversation positive.

Intent to Return Forms

Please don't forget to submit your intent to return forms but the end of the day February 1, 2016. This will help us plan for the future as we enter the hiring season. Don't forget: If you know someone might be interested in YACS, send their resume to Brionne or Meghan. If they are hired and employed for 3 months or longer, you will receive a $500 referral bonus!

Urgency and Balance


Thank you for the increased focus on educating our creative learners. It is evident that our entire staff is taking their job more seriously and focused on moving our students forward. As we head into testing season there are two things that we should focus on, urgency and balance.


The truth is, this year we have to focus in on how we can get our students to SHOW growth. Each day we, as educators, can see the small increments of growth our students make. The question is, how can we get them to transfer the skills we know they are learning each day to a test? The best answer is, "Practice makes perfect". Mr. D, Taylor, Brian, and Brionne are finalizing rosters and test administration dates for Acuity. This will be a great test to use for grades 2-5 to practice taking a standardized test. Mr. D is also finalizing the rosters for EAGLE all teachers will be able to access the resources on that website. Our students have to begin understanding how to demonstrate their learning through these standardized test.


We aren't a No Excuses school driven strictly by numbers. Let's make a concerted effort to maintain our values as a school.

  • We believe that children are more than a test.
  • We believe that there are multiple forms of assessment.
  • We believe that the arts drive deeper learning.

Plan with your teams how you can drive the sense of urgency without losing the YACS philosophy.

Please lock up at the end of day!

Please don't forget to lock your windows when you leave at night. We want to keep everything safe!
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Our bulletin boards need love...

Please take some time to show off what your students are learning in the classroom. Make our school shine bright!