Searching Databases

How to find reliable information without Google!

Searching Online Databases

Online Databases or journals contain news, magazine and academic articles about a variety of topics. The benefit of using a database instead of Google is that the database articles have been reviewed and published so they are much less likely to contain inaccurate or unsupported facts and information.
CultureGrams: Kids Edition Database Tutorial

Peel Student Access

Go to and Click on the Library eResources link. Then choose the Elementary section.

Examine the titles before choosing a database.

You may need to explore more than one database to find what you are looking for.

What question do you want answered?

Enter 2 keywords into the search bar. If no results are found you may need a different keyword or you may be using an inappropriate database.

If too many results are found, enter another keyword or try using the advanced search.

Read the article summaries to determine if they are useful for your research