By Gabby Lundgren pd. 2

What Is It? and HOW DOES IT WORK?

A closed system of pipes that contain a refrigerant that easily changes from gas to vapor to liquid and back again as it travels in a loop.

In winter they take heat from outside and put it inside and in summer they remove heat from the home and put it outside.

Refrigerant is compressed in one area of a pipe and expands in another. In the compressed area the refrigerant gets hot and is released as it is run over finned coils. When it expands it is run over another set of finned coils and cools down then goes through the same process.


  • Can be used to heat and cool homes!

  • Energy efficient!

  • Don’t need two separate air conditioner and furnace!

  • Can increase a home’s resale value!

  • Lower utility bills!


  • Expensive to install

  • Only works if you live in moderate climates

  • It is noisy when by sleeping areas

  • Indoor section causes drafts