Red Fox

what is the red fox


The red fox was introduced to Australia in 1855,the red fox hunted chipmunks and rabbits fish and more.

What does the red foxes habitat look like

The red foxes habitat is a hole in the ground or under wood, and the red fox lives under grass and soil and it digs threw its way under ground and digs threw roots


The red fox gets a few babies they are really cute but really aggressive the bite can hurt and you can bleed,and if your wondering why do you sometimes see a little red foxes in the wild but there parents are always around hiding or anything else.

How good are the red fox at hunting

Indeed the red fox is really good at hunting it has sharp claws and big jaws and as we all now that the red fox is part of the dog family and related to wolfs, because you might sometimes think why do red foxes look like wolfs but different color and a lot smaller and a little faster

What do the red foxes to the environment

The red fox is really danger to the animals here are some animals, rabbits, fruit, squirrels, nuts, seeds, rats, possums, wallabies, bilbies, numbats, birds, reptiles, earth worms, insects and lots more.

Is the red fox a carnivore

The red fox is a carnivore because it eats meat but does eat seeds and fruit and, in fact carnivores are omnivores like the red fox so the red fox did not just eat meat and all that, it sometimes even ate fruit and all and carnivores love resting from a hard day at hunting animals.

What was the red foxes diet

The red foxes diet is fruit, berries, grass, small birds, squirrels, rabbits, mice, crickets, caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles and crayfish.