Photographic Storytelling

Kevin Gough


Sailing has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather are both sailers; my dad having been in the olympics and sailing Hall of Fame.

Photo taken by Alanna Strong


Though I am fairly new to the sport, I've found a love for football. I love the adrenaline, the atmosphere, and the brotherhood formed with your team.

Photo taken by Kim Mobley


Again to my athleticism, I play positions meant for faster players. The track is where I spend my time trying to increase my speed.

Photo taken by Myself


Finding my love for sports, I have noticed that strength plays a great part in athleticism. If I'm not at home, you'll find me at the weight room.

Photo taken by Myself

The Coppell Cowboys

My home, my school, my family. I was raised in Coppell, and every sport I play, every activity I'm a part of is a part of Coppell.

Photo taken by Myself

Pole Vault

Again, I'm fairly new to the sport. Be that as it may, I love pole vaulting; it is difficult, exasperating, but I love the skills it brings me, and the skills I need for it.

Photo taken by Heidi Gough

Competitive Shooting

I shoot shotguns for a team; a team in Coppell. We shoot all games-trap, skeet, and sporting clays. My gun is kinda my baby.

Photo taken by Myself

The Outdoors

I have always had a love for the outdoors; wether it be the woods, tropics, or anywhere outside, I love doing anything in the outdoor environment.

Photo taken by Myself


Piggybacking off of my love for the outdoors, I have a love for hunting. When it comes to guns, anywhere I can go, legally of course, and hunt for food, I instantly fall in love with.

Photo taken by Chris Dicken


No matter how mad they make me, or vice versa, I will always love my family. This photo was our most recent christmas card; and I kinda like it.,

Photo taken by Kim Mobely


I've always been a HUGE contributor to my church; wether it be a youth leader, or a high school ministry student. I put my faith before everything in my life.

Photo taken by James Avery Jewelry Co.


I wouldn't be anywhere without my friends. They motivate me, give me strength, and are comedians along the way.

Photo taken by Heidi Gough

My Team

My teammates are more than that; they are my brothers, my family. Without them by my side, I'd be nowhere; in football of even in life.

Photo taken by Kim Mobley


I won't drive anything but a truck; specifically my truck. I love the look, the size, and how they drive. My truck is as much a part of me as I am it.

Photo taken by Heidi Gough

My Dog

Buddy... I love him. He is probably the best dog I've had out of my four.

Photo by Wikipedia