What It Takes

To Become An Anesthesia Technician

Requirements and Responsibilities

High school diploma or equivalent experience and at least two years experience in a hospital with similar anesthesia operations is preferred. Completion of Anesthesia Technician Certification program and certification as an Anesthesia Technician is preferred.

The profession requires at least a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in the sciences such as chemistry and biology. If possible, students should attend an accredited college or university with a good science or pre-med program. Some responsibilities are to maintain supplies on-hand as may be required by Anesthesiologist. Clean and perform minor maintenance on anesthesiology equipment. Perform assigned duties promptly and efficiently.

Training and Personality Advantages

Most schools require a minimum number of job-shadowing hours with an anesthesia care team (or ACT) before approving admission to the graduate program. Others opt for an alternate approach of contacting a local operating room (OR) supervisor, as these health care professionals sometimes work with the anesthesia department to arrange for job-shadowing opportunities. Anesthesia assistants must be good listeners, capable of following critical instructions from the anesthesiologist. Possessing a strong sense of ethics, AAs are observant, patient, compassionate, responsive, open-minded, tolerant and dedicated professionals.

Pay Ranges

How I'd Spend My Salary


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