DREC Chronicles

By: Shaista Tejani

Mission Statement

To provide a positive, safe, and stimulating learning environment that supports and enables the highest in teaching quality, student engagement, and parental involvement in order to raise well rounded and ethical murids.


In order to educate the students of DREC about Hazir Imam’s Aga Khan Award for Architecture and allow them to understand why we should value various pieces of architecture, REC management along with help from STUCO and 11th and 12th graders put together a gallery walk showcasing each of the 19 projects/buildings for this year’s cycle. The presenters had to convince the 4th-6th graders that their project was the best by describing the beauty, function, impact, and materials in an entertaining way to persuade them to vote for their project/building for the award. It was a close call, but in morning shift the Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge and in afternoon shift the Manouchehri House were the winners! In this fun way REC students were able to understand Hazir Imam’s mission with the AKAA and realize how our faith and values are reflected in architecture that is being built.

Upcoming Events!

Oct. 18-22- Secondary grades 7-10 student led conference #1

Nov. 4-5- Share grades 11-12 student led conference #1

Nov. 12- Primary Parent teacher conference & PCJ month 6 due

Nov. 23,25,26- Thanksgiving holiday

Dec. 21,23,24- Winter holiday

Dec. 28,30,31- Winter holiday

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