Technology Tidbits and Training

Instructional Resource Technology Newsletter Issue #1

Did You Know?

Grades K-12 teachers are required by the state of Virginia to include Technology Standards in their lesson plans. Click on the link below to review the technology standards for your grade level.

Need help integrating a technology standard in a lesson plan? Contact Mrs. Parrott to set up a time to discuss the lesson and ideas. Future tidbits will include lesson ideas.


  • Free for educational use.
  • Monitor students to see if they are watching your videos, how many times per section and if they're understanding the content.
  • Enable self-paced learning with interactive lessons, just add your voice and questions within the video.
  • Automatically integrates with Google Classes for upper levels. Elementary levels can use as a whole class experience.
  • Take already existing videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course… or upload your own.
  • Take a look at the short video I edited slightly for instructions. If you are interested in further training, please contact Mrs. Parrott.

Instructional Technology in the District

This year has been very busy and instructional technology training has been limited with the district being down an ITRT. However, we would like to introduce some programs and apps and offer training opportunities. Please contact me for training on any of the featured apps or technology standards. Mrs. Crewe has volunteered to help. She or I will contact you if you request training.